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Monterey Departure in a Private Jet- With ATC!

Departing Monterey Airport in a private jet.
Monterey Departure in a Private Jet- With ATC!


  1. berndl says:

    lucky you!

  2. commander402 says:

    hola cap. genial usted si con su tranquilidad y esa seguridad al volar
    encantado saludos! 

  3. nathan bailey says:

    How do you file your flightplans?

  4. MightSnow says:

    I love how he is reading the newspaper in the cockpit haha.

  5. Austin Gunn says:

    Is your friend an owner in the aircraft? Do you own the aircraft and
    operate your business with it? Do you fly for fun? Or all these videos on
    business as a contract pilot?

  6. MrGamers22 says:

    A couple of questions. Does the Premier have a tiller or do you use rudder
    for taxi? The second is how can I get your job? Cheers

  7. MrGamers22 says:

    Thanks! That is a Skycatcher but I have since transitioned into a 182 G1000

  8. jg93955 says:

    I live in Monterey and I always go watch the privates jets and planes take
    off and land. I’m 21 years old and my dream is to become a pilot one day. I
    have a fascination about aviation and planes. Jets to be exact. If you
    could help me out, how could I start school for becoming a pilot? I’d
    sincerely appreciate your feedback on any tips & pointers that you may

    P.S. I really enjoy your videos, don’t stop making them. Hopefully I can
    become someone like you someday. 

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