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Bombardier Global Express XRS Private Jet

Just what makes the Bombardier Global Express XRS so spectacular? Here is a look at what sets it apart from anything else in the sky. For more details:

Credits: DiscoveryHD
Bombardier Global Express XRS Private Jet


  1. AircraftMechanic says:

    To bad the Citation is only a 1/3 of the size as a Global. Nice try
    comparing apples to oranges though.

  2. cmr17panama says:

    the citation X further than the bombardier??? :S citation X just 3050NM..:S

  3. ice8292 says:

    the xrs is a mobile lounge…the citation is basically a glorified sky van

  4. jonoferguson22 says:

    did he say HUNDREDS of man hours to build one!?!?!??? HA….maybe to build
    a winglet

  5. Kiribati2Bairiki says:


  6. 123Jus1 says:

    Dear Santa…

  7. Mr Snow says:

    Airbus A380 as a private jet, how about that?

  8. BlueLineSpeed says:


  9. Iadypenelope says:

    that’s right blue line, bum them silly

  10. Artemio Cicerchia says:

    The range autonomy?

  11. infinitywokrshop says:

    Its kinda funny how they are using overused royalty-free music, while the
    whole program is bragging about how they spared no expense on the rarest

  12. swamigal says:

    already done by sheikh

  13. Popsfresh says:

    Downsview brap brap

  14. Andy Garag says:

    7 –

  15. Rednek Ranger says:

    I work on the sister of these planes, the Bombardier CRJ 200. This is
    essentially the same fuselage and structural design, but with a larger
    horizontal stab and more elegant wing to fuselage aerodynamic fairings

  16. vtwinbreed says:

    I don’t give 2 shits about the cars, but I would love to fly the planes and
    ride the bikes.

  17. LT81baller says:

    Relatively old avionics system. While still very good it is becoming
    outdated with more models of jets adding the synthetic vision system

  18. StevieP says:

    Global Express XRS – Fully automated fuel and bleed air systems, auto
    brake, single switch engine starting…and a nice big comfy flight deck.
    G550 – not even close, but they have ‘Plane View’…

  19. BlueLineSpeed says:

    I don’t disagree that the Global has some fantastic modern features that
    are well beyond Gulfstream’s “agricultural” mentality to building
    machinery, I was just pointing out that the programme was explaining
    inaccurate information. I would love to have a tour around the XRS cockpit
    one day to make a more detailed comparison.

  20. TheRealCykey says:

    intro too long is too long

  21. Oxley Pilot says:

    2016 … ;-)

  22. Luke Tobiasson says:

    mines being delivered soon. lol i wish. Meanwhile in my chevy

  23. BLAKK BLACKINS says:

    Mine is coming

  24. elviscash56 says:

    Haha at 2:53 it looks like that guy has a raging boner. I guess I’d be
    pretty excited to have a private jet too.

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