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The Jets – Private Number

Music video by The Jets performing Private Number. (C) 1985 Geffen Records
The Jets – Private Number


  1. NEOMASS says:

    man its Vanessa Huxtable!!!

  2. Jett Rondolos says:

    these jams like this gotta make u pop & lock man

  3. GreenGearMood says:

    I love black people.

  4. BSimp4242 says:

    Such an underrated group!!! I loved listening to them! Plus I had a huge
    crush on the sister that played the keyboards!!! LOL!!!

  5. Sturgill Clyde says:


  6. bestversionofme says:

    I met them when they first came out. Loved their music every since. Big
    smile right here. Beautiful memories…

  7. Bryian Revoner says:

    What a great group, and yes they were seriously underrated, and that is
    damned shame!


    I like the jets because they are my favorite group of the 80’s.

  9. lala55419 says:

    the number at the end was to their fan club back in the day. I am from mpls
    and remember calling. lol

  10. Carissa Makaafi says:

    WTH. theyre not black. theyre TONGAN.!

  11. Richard Miller says:

    The 80’s

  12. Richard Miller says:

    The 80’s

  13. vicki patterson says:

    I miss pay phones…especially when my cell phone dies..or I forget it..I
    DONT miss the sticky keys on the payphones …the empty Coke can full of
    stinky ashes sitting by the phone…the 400 pound phonebook dangling..or
    the unforgettable stench all payphones had…not to be rude..but I always
    wondered if the smell was a straight up urine smell, from strange people
    who just peed in there…hum

  14. Chloe Rash says:

    There music is fantastic

  15. Patrik Star says:


  16. Lena Ray says:

    I love black people too! In fast I AM black

  17. Lena Ray says:

    I love black people too! In fast I AM black

  18. Rob Marley says:

    I can not identify the race on any of these people

  19. The Dance Tuber says:

    lol, wow, phone booths….people use their smart phones on the toilet,
    imagine the things growing on these receivers….

  20. Kareem Wasser says:

    0:58 lol flying old telephones

  21. Quimich Bravo says:

    the jammm

  22. Lee Bee says:

    About as retro as it gets! 🙂 Even a Bill & Ted reference :)

  23. janice jones says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  24. Mike David says:

    How did we ever live without cell phones back then!

  25. Daniel Kidd says:

    The Library Teen Nightclub St. Paul Minnesota!

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