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Inside Donald Trump’s Private Jet

His private jet features gold seat belts, a gourmet kitchen, and a master bedroom. Would you expect any less?

From: MIGHTY PLANES: Trump 757
Inside Donald Trump’s Private Jet


  1. Neutrino H says:

    This is awesome. TRUMP is awesome. 

  2. Johnson Taylor says:

    Heh, so tacky but fitting for someone who is loud and brash with a track
    record of failed businesses. 

  3. David McDonald says:

    Dear Santa. . . . . . .

  4. Denis Lara says:

    Does Trump actually makes money?

  5. RacerEckss says:

    Oh! Where oh where do we hide the dynamite?

  6. Bobby Blunts says:

    Can’t hate on a mans hustle, he failed many times and look at him… still
    succeeding. His wife is hot, paid for, but hot.

  7. radiodiary1 says:

    Now that is what I would call a great job. 

  8. Curtis Spano says:

    Stuff the money from airline pilots! Get Donald to pay you heaps…

  9. Bush Vo says:

    That’s one rich bastard XD

  10. Malica Catalina Marie says:
  11. C D Delbert says:

    You would think a multi billionaire could afford a decent wig. 

  12. Adrianair747 says:

    The 757 is a garbage airplane. Id like to see him with a a321 to be
    impress. This plane is GARBAGE 

  13. Chew Wong says:

    What a waste. One huge plane transport only one person only!

  14. Douglas the boy says:

    I want that plane :D

  15. 1VVSA says:

    100mmillion dollars DAMN!!!! and i thought airforce 1 was lexorious

  16. Abbas Raza says:

    Youre the man..God bless you

  17. maricarmen dejesus says:

    I wish to be donald trump

  18. Skyhighblu says:

    love it

  19. Roman Flachs says:

    What a heap of Boeing junk………Get yaself a decent aircraft ya stooge

  20. RMLectronics East Yorks says:

    What does Trump do for a living? Not heard of him.

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