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Dassault Falcon 900 (Taylor Swift’s Private Jet)

This flight is Taylor Swift traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for the Country Music Awards 2013. I was lucky to catch her plane during the B-17 Memphis Belle Air show at Burbank Bob Hope Airport.
Dassault Falcon 900 (Taylor Swift’s Private Jet)


  1. n787mx says:

    Does anyone know what the “13” is for?

  2. LoveJT8D says:

    That’s her lucky number.

  3. Amie Lim says:

    I love taylor sooo much

  4. Dana Danarosana says:

    BUR is just like MDW… takeoffs & landings are very steep because of
    airspace at LAX and ORD respectively.

  5. Craig Paulson says:

    And if you had essentially unlimited wealth you’d be driving your Prius for
    3 hours, right? Do you own a car? Do you ride the bus? Do you use
    electricity? Get real. Taylor Swift is not the cause of carbon emissions.
    The only hypocrite here is you my friend.

  6. PerformanceStageInc says:

    Craig- typical liberal! Please explain how, exactly, I am hypocritical? I
    do NOT fly around needlessly spraying burnt jet A (she COULD ride
    commercial), and YES I have a car that gets 30 PLUS Mpg. So, look. You can
    defend these overblown liberal celebrities all day. But unless you have
    REAL facts that indicate that ANYTHING I wrote above is wrong, the STFU.
    The thing is, you KNOW I’m right- but you just can’t admit it. So, so
    typical for the lefties.

  7. Anton Luckhoff says:

    N is the prefix for all American planes like G is for Britain, ZS is for
    South Africa, A5 is kenya etc.

  8. Dave Johnson says:

    Wrong on the N. It is the U.S. FAA lettering for the USA.

  9. JPCrespo says:

    Craig Paulson is a wanna be. He’s probably posting from his mom’s house
    where he still lives because he doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a window
    to throw it out. If he had money he would be A) libertarian, B) getting his
    panties all in was like a grade schooler, C) telling the whole world how
    much money he has and how successful he is.

  10. Vidur Thukral says:

    If the pilot did a touch and go, watch her release a sad song about the
    touch and go the next day.

  11. Richard R. Estacio says:

    james 007 has been cursed with lucifer’s blood… say i did not warn you…
    heed what is spilled…

  12. TheUPmodeler says:

    Number 13 by the door, definitely Taylor’s plane. 


    Girl’s got good taste.

  14. Alfred Capanetti says:

    The place belongs to SATA LLC
    Swift doesn’t own a plane

  15. Alfred Capanetti says:

    The place means the plane

  16. xwolfsteller says:


  17. serutcip wawa says:

    uch a nice person she is sad some one is taking advantage of her she could
    have a falcon like a 2000 instead of a 900 that is just as nice but with
    out the crazy expence of running a 3rd engine and the extra fuel it burns
    and the extra weight it weighs with out it she could carry more weight too
    maybe she would want to go on a shoping spree for her mom all those bags
    would fit better in the 2000 :~)

  18. Jonathan Dodson says:

    Dassault, not Dussault

  19. exi tor says:

    I’m glad to see Ms Swift have a successful career; she’s hot and talented.

    But how can she afford a private jet in the form of an 900? I can see
    something like maybe a King Air Turboprop or a used Lear 25 but a Falcon

    Unless she’s hit the $500 mil net worth mark how can she pull it off? Is
    it paid for by her label?

  20. MyMusicalMusa says:

    Saw marriott hotel halfway through the video. Stayed there for 10 days in
    Aussie last year and went to her concert!

  21. Floyd McCoy says:

    It’s a 700, not 900 shaking head…

  22. michael huber says:

    puff go home pleas u don’t even cat see inside only outside this video suck

  23. Wayne Taylor says:

    and @ 1:00 you can see Justin Bieber’s Golf Cart.

  24. Anfisa118 says:

    Where is Taylor Swift?

  25. ArkansasTrail says:

    This is not her plane. She might have been on it but its not hers.

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