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Weezy Wednesdays | Episode 15: LA to Cannes, France On Private Jet With Freestyles

Welcome to Weezy Wednesday! Every week we’ll be giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the life of Lil Wayne and the YMCMB Gang. This week we check out private jet travel trip from Los Angeles to Cannes France for a special party during the Cannes film Festival.

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Weezy Wednesdays | Episode 15: LA to Cannes, France On Private Jet With Freestyles


  1. Sayeteh Koita says:


  2. Lil Wayne says:

    Thank you all for watching Weezy Wednesdays, Carter V coming soon! Leave a
    comment and tell me if you enjoyed this weeks episode!

  3. GrandMadness says:

    ITS not wednesday lol

  4. xISwizz says:

    its thursday lol 

  5. lordgeemoney says:

    Weezy best rapper alive.Sign me next bro.I’ll carry the torch for ymcmb!!
    – LGM

  6. MaliCiouSiZReCkLeSs says:

    *His play around freestyles sound dope AF.*

  7. Sonia Bharwa says:

    Gudda Gudda somewhere wiping his tears with his YMCMB t-shirt he got when
    he signed there

  8. Charvis Green says:

    Damn I wish I could’ve been there

  9. TeeJayy C says:

    wayne living and lived tha life!!!!

  10. MapleSoryxX233 says:

    Damn 11 min video and it’s actually good

  11. Young AZ says:

    Wayne Is Such An Inspiration To My Music Even As A White Boy Haha
    I Just Dropped A Remix To Weezy’s New “Believe Me”
    I’m No Wayne But Check Out My Version On My Channel!
    Thumbs Up This Comment If Your Fucking With It!

  12. REDPotriats757 says:

    This nigga was drunk at the end, surprising bcuz i thought he didnt drink..

  13. Young Money Empire says:

    Weezy Wednesdays | Episode 15: LA to Cannes, France On Private Jet With

  14. Bred To Live Entertainment says:

    That doesnt look like wayne 

  15. iPartyHardcore says:

    7:33-7:53 Justin Bieber was in the front row yelling Nigga the loudest. 

  16. dabc32 says:

    ayyye he rapping the “HollyGrove” rap he made when he was little. #c5 

  17. Connell Mcbride says:

    Tunechi thursdays

  18. Levin Alter says:

    Weezy you’re the best man!! Best greetings from Germany!!

  19. Breezy Bugatti says:

    Weedy Wednesdays turn to throwback Thursday…

  20. Ameer Ali says:

    Getting high on a plane

  21. ke Mi says:

    He is looking bad. l’ll pray for him. I hope he isn’t back on the opiates.
    I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean that
    you don’t have problems…

  22. terrellandremoss says:

    lol he said 5 grand to jump n da crowd

  23. Quaran Collins says:

    5:14 ~ words from his first song he did when he signed to cashmoney at age

  24. enrique regalado says:

    It looks fun chilling with Wayne 

  25. Trey61200 says:

    It should be TUNECHI THURSDAYS lol

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