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Top 10 Most Expensive Private Jets in the World

Here are the Top 10 Most Expensive Private Jets in the World. Thanks for Watching this Top 10/ten Video. Subscribe for More.
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Taking a commercial air flight can be such a hassle. You have to get to the airport several hours in advance, wait at a busy terminal, risk losing your luggage (which happens at the most inopportune time), go through all the requisite immigration and custom checks, and then sit through the flight in an uncomfortable chair beside an annoying passenger who would not stop talking. There is also the additional risk of missing the flight, or flight delays and even cancellations. For some rich people, these are more than enough reasons to buy their very own aircraft. And you cannot blame them. If you have the money to spare, owning a plane is a very good investment.

But which plane should you choose? Here is a list of the top ten most expensive private jets in the world.
Travelling by air is a convenience and splendour by itself. However, imagine an aircraft specifically designed in accordance with your own requirements and needs. This time in our Top10 section we present you with the most expensive private planes.

Back in the golden age of flying, it was such a special (and costly) adventure that very few experienced it. It was an experience for the wealthy and celebrities. As aviation technology grew after WWII, jets started to come in all varieties – big and small. Suddenly as the decades flew by, traveling by jet became more accessible to the general public .

In the following article you will find a list of the top 10 world’s most expensive private jets. We’ve all tried flying with commercial flights.

You get at the airport several hours before, spend a lot of time waiting, going through customs and on top of that you might just lose your luggage at the most inopportune time. When you finally get in, you’re seated in a very uncomfortable seat right next to the most annoying passenger in the entire plane. You’re a lucky person aren’t you! The following hours are a combination between awkward conversations and faking a nap while the baby just two seats behind you wouldn’t stop crying!

For some rich people all those mentioned above are good enough reasons to go and buy a private jet, and you can’t blame them for doing so! In a world where speed has become crucial owning your own private jet can be a great investment. Just imagine having an entire jet at your disposal, designed to fit your every need! These people did just that, they took the private jet experience to a whole other level!

These are the World’s Most Expensive Private Jets.
Top 10 Most Expensive Private Jets in the World


  1. james ho says:


  2. idpaipsc says:

    And the Global 8000?

  3. ProChoiceJesus says:

    multiguitarhero2 said “the only private 747 is Air Force One.”
    Not exactly.
    I’ve actually worked on the private business jet of an Arab nation’s
    leader, which was a Boeing 747. I can’t talk about the work or exactly who
    owned the plane. I’ve seen several come through the workplace where that
    work was done, which I don’t work at anymore.
    So, 747s are owned privately, and they’r certainly among the world’s most
    expensive business jets, mainly due to all the gold & luxury in them.

  4. Steve Dickey says:

    I’d like to see the guys from Airplane Repo get their hands of one of these

  5. TheTemest says:

    Exactly how many Airbus A380’s are in service as private jets??

  6. Shrek231 says:

    This is a garbage video. Why wouldn’t you at least track down a picture of
    a non-airline configured 767,747, and A380. Waste of my time.

  7. dfx961 says:

    I don’t believe there are any 380’s privately owned yet…. am I wrong?

  8. George Goodman says:

    I think there is one person that has a private a380 the

  9. JetAir Ltd says:

    At JetAir we are experts in private charter aviation.

  10. Mark David says:

    You leave out the Gulfstream G65

  11. Burhan Gani says:

    Music title please?

  12. WizardmasterNZ says:

    Ahh incorrect at Number 1 for A380 is not full private jet. Few Private
    room in Commerical plane. Also people talked about Air Force One (B747) is
    not private jet, it’s Government jet. Because Government paid these fuel,
    security guard & pilots etc. Population paid a tax for these…. STUPID

    If myself billionaire, I won’t buy a plane or large ship. I buy a land &
    large house with normal vehicles or buy design beautiful motel would more
    profit to me. Better than loss expense these plane or ship means lots
    drunk a fuel !!

    I knew, No one largest private jet cause too expenisve charge a fuel &
    pilots cost. 

  13. phiip christodoulou says:

    The biggest and expensive privet jet try making a Antonov-225

  14. william dalton says:

    My father flys number 5 , for mr Irving 

  15. rich high says:

    OK !,we get it ! Your rich! 

  16. luoyan chen says:

    airbus and boeing?

  17. Apollo Smile says:

    Dying Cheap doessent apply to airplanes hehe

  18. Brad Peterson says:

    153 million dollars seems a bit under priced for a BRAND SPANKING NEW
    747-800 . the 737-700 also seems a bit under priced as well. See i would
    know cause i have a few parked in my driveway. Opps, i meant my private

  19. William Evans says:

    #2 one is a Swedish airline :)

  20. 11razorwire says:

    those are some expensive planes

  21. La chaîne Rachid HBACHOU says:

    thats cool

  22. lucanina56 says:

    They are not private jet. Some of them are public for example the luftansa

  23. Huziafa Kiani says:

    Airbus I would prefer

  24. Jakob Cassar says:

    i want the last one love emirates 

  25. BallisticPaperclip™ (EpicNyanCat924) says:

    A friend of mine’s father has number 6. His father isn’t super rich but he
    was given it by KLM because he’s a high rank.

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