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The World Of Private Jets

We investigate the exclusive world of private jets and talk to leaders in the industry and the interior designers who create exclusive, made-to-order furnishings and décor. Owning your own jet still remains the ultimate prize and this film reveals how the industry is faring in a challenging world.
The World Of Private Jets


  1. sends2aaron says:

    240p in 2013? Why?

  2. Andrew R. Buys says:

    What a lifestyle, I must admit I’m envious. The idea of taking my private
    jet to Cannes, France to meet my 250′ yacht is very appealing to me. ;-)

  3. Tessie Dobey says:

    I love this channel.

  4. LIX 59 says:

    Unbelievable they would produce a 27 minute video of Corporate Jets and not
    include the original Learjet or the high end Gulfstream line.

  5. AJ P says:

    +T Shue Can i have your job?

  6. Alireza Sefati says:

    “It’s using less fuel and cost effective” What a joke! A whole plane moving
    one guy around is cost effective and uses less fuel? Can someone explain
    this logic to me?

  7. leloodallasmultipass says:

    a luxurious 240p.

  8. inventorOz84 says:

    Did he just say cost effective? For one persons pleasure, you are using all
    the fuel? This is BS

  9. Octavio Delaserna says:

    Great video, thanks for sharing!

  10. LCdrDerrick says:

    21:35 That is the logic of a useless marketing moron. It makes a difference
    if one single person (of hugest importance) alone produces several tons of
    CO2, just by moving his 80kg cadaver from one US/Asian/European town to the
    other, or if the same amount is produced by a power station, bringing
    needed warmth and electricity to millions. It is not that big a deal for
    most of the modest people, that there are few rich people havin’ fun and
    enjoying luxury, the problem is, that not few of them seem to have no sence
    for personal responsibility or even conscience.

  11. VonRico Toote says:

    where can i find an hd version of this

  12. Willie Lindquist says:

    an amazing video about aviation! i love aviation more than anything and
    found this fascinating! Please do more aviation vids, Thanks! 

  13. Oscar Gray says:

    very old video!

  14. KleenexDirty says:

    The Concorde is incredible , i can wait to see how they will manage to
    built a Mach 2 jet and keep the range of the concorde…..

  15. Furqan Ahmed says:

    no plane no gain! haha i like it :)

  16. Riccardo Granato says:

    The luxury channel has a 240p quality video .’

  17. SwollenRhino says:

    Reminds me of the movie SOUL PLANE with Kevin Heart, Snoop,& Redman! 

  18. Nigel Rosendale says:

    could be useful

  19. kraftpr says:

    Must be nice — WAAAAAAYYY out of my reach!

  20. GrupoMex Companies says:


  21. Michael Donavon says:

    Well, let’s see: Ahhhhh…….”millions of dollars”…..ahhhhhh……”not
    waiting around”….ahhhh “show up 10 minutes early and
    then”……ahhhhhhh. MONEY, MONEY – STARS (what’s a star? Oh, I forgot,
    that’s someone with a bunch of money; now I get it!) Ahhhhhh……. I
    must say, at the risk of sounding envious, it is just a bunch of folks with
    a bunch of those little dollar bills, all “piled up!” To be honest, it
    really is a bunch of bull shit, isn’t it. There, I’ve said it!

  22. Te Wharau Walker says:

    We have these wealthy people flying in their luxurious private jets and
    then we have those who are in 3rd world countries barely able to get water.
    The wealthy spend millions on themselves and forget about the poor!

  23. Jhadon G. says:

    Us AP dudes have our 747 & 777’s !

  24. velveetaslingshot says:

    Meh. I can’t hate. I would have one if I had that kind of money. 

  25. StratMatt777 says:

    This extravagance is obscene!!!
    What kind of self-important person needs a bizjet bigger than an Embraer
    Phenom 300?! ;)

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