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The long held dream for many of bypassing the long queues, longer waiting times, intrusive custom controls and the cattle-market of commercial flights to enjoy the indulgence of a private chartered flight, may hold true to all the promises of luxury travel as long as you take the time to source the service that matches your particular requirements. The very same holds true if you’re booking, for business purposes where the importance of arrival times, professional service and the right image can be crucial and must form part of the agreed service levels in advance. Otherwise you may face an overpriced, unsuitable, less than expected and unsatisfying experience.
Our postings, tips and advice should help you make sure your dream flight fills all the required boxes or your business trip meets your commercial expectations.

So what is Private Jet Charter?

Private Jet Charter allows you to choose the type of plane or helicopter, you and your associates will fly in to your chosen destination. They offer a range of services from small vehicle, short flights to large commercial sized intercontinental options, to suit your requirements and personal budget. Shopping around will allow you to find most suitable supplier.

Key points to consider

Where you are flying from and your destination are probably the most important factors in deciding who to fly with. You want the luxury to be an engulfing experience so flying close from home to a point close to your final destination will help. There are many operators out there so shop around for those that fly from your local airstrips and can land you where you want to go. There are a few who will also offer luxury transport to and from the plane so take all that into consideration.

The choice of aircraft is also paramount to your pleasure. A short flight with awkward access arrangements may suit a private helicopter more than a small jet, whereas a longer flight may have you looking at a plane where you can stand up during the flight and stretch your legs. Some of the smaller jets are sit-down only.

How many are in your party? Obviously you will need to ensure the aircraft can accommodate your entire party and you should also consider whether a few empty seats would be nicer to allow your friends to mingle, or for business purposes it may be useful to allow a range of seating options for a variety of conversations and individual meetings.

Will you be happy to cater for your own needs or would you prefer the additional help from the qualified professional stewards, not available on every flight, so it’s worth checking. Along with catering requirements you should also check the rest room facilities available on your choice as they do vary considerably, even to the point of being non-existent.

With all of the above points considered you should also ensure the company you choose to fly with has a good reputation for service, safety, customer care and can satisfy any other specific requirements you may have. Taking the time to do your homework will definitely be worth the small amount of effort considering the ultimate outcome.

Helping you choose

We simply love the whole concept of private jet charter and private aircraft hire and will user this platform to highlight, review and inform on the industry, the main players and the best service providers. Service is very much the key factor in this market and many companies are now providing highly personalised services as well as expanding what they offer in order to provide an exceptional travel experience whether that be for private or business purposes.

Keeping airports open in winter

The snow and ice from the severe weather we experience in winter can cause havoc to airports not only in the UK and Europe but across the world. Winters in the UK can be particularly hazardous as the effects of global warming have impacted on the northern hemisphere wind patterns changing the UK's normally mild westerly airstream.

Icy runways are one of the main reasons airports close when the snow hits. Airports can lose millions of pounds when the winter weather disrupts travel schedules and flights are cancelled. So airports have to ensure they have the snow clearing vehicles, equipment and de-icing products they need to keep the runways clear and ice free. Problems can occur when snow melts and refreezes and so de-icers are used to combat this, similar to common rock salt, but using potassium as the base product rather than sodium.

The benefit of the de-icing product is that as long as it is not washed away it can remain effective on the runway surfaces for up to twenty four hours.

The airports have specially trained teams that check on conditions on a regular basis, sometimes as often as five or six times an hour with specialist equipment to check traction and general surface conditions. As global warming continues to affect winter conditions so the airports have to respond accordingly.

How stable is the airline industry?

The airline industry has the type of business model most investors would steer clear of, given the choice. It consists typically of a high cost base coupled with a cyclical sales pattern. Add to that the huge competitive pressures of a progressive industry as well as a key cost element (fuel) that can fluctuate wildly and you can easily see why so many airlines struggle financially.

This specific mix of commercial factors has been cited as the reason why airlines have been more liable to failure than other businesses. When the detailed financial analysis of the industry is undertaken all the indicators and performance measurements show a fundamental financial weakness.

The inevitability of all of this is that many airlines fail and are forced to declare bankruptcy. This has been an historical trend that continues today and has been reinforced by the documented view of the US Government Accountability Office stating that the bankruptcy problems of the aviation sector are ‘symptoms of underlying structural issues’. Many airlines have borrowed to ease their short term financial difficulties but in many instances this has led to debt problems further down the line and the resulting financial structures of these organisations are then called into question.

Some of the larger airlines that have gone bankrupt in recent times include United, Delta, Northwest and more recently American Airlines. Notable casualties in Europe include British Caledonian, Laker and Swissair.

The long term sustainability of the airline industry is a fundamental part of a successful national and world economy and many argue that this particular sector is too important to be left to the effects of the free market.

A crazy photo of private jets flooding the Las Vegas airport before the Mayweather-Pacquiao

A crazy photo of private jets flooding the Las Vegas airport before the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight
A crazy photo of private jets flooding the Las Vegas airport before the Mayweather-Pacquiao


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