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My Private Jet Trip To Napa, California (Daily Inspiration)

Celebrating my fiancee’s birthday & my hitting 200,000 followers I’m enjoying a weekend getaway to Napa. Get inspired by the view & apply at to learn how to make enough $ to do ,000 weekend trips like this too!
My Private Jet Trip To Napa, California (Daily Inspiration)


  1. TheMrXboxGamer99 says:

    Am i the only one who got extremely dizzy from watching this other than
    that greatt inspirational advice thank youu!! 

  2. Kevin Costa says:

    Your vids are awesome man!
    Have now watched all of your Timothy Sykes Deux Videos too.
    What would you suggest me to do now?
    Im 16

  3. Wilco van Boxtel says:

    Respect Tim, have a nice time over there! Looking forward to work with you
    some time and win!

  4. powskiing says:


  5. Rehab says:

    Keep inspiring us Tim!

  6. minecraftia proness says:

    how can i do research on what stocks are good to trade i dont understand
    that part 🙁
    where to look and for what to look

  7. chroNick546 says:

    I was just there last month

  8. joel mata says:

    I love watching your videos cus not only does it prove that you’re the real
    deal, but you’re and example that with enough hard work and dedication, the
    thing that looked like a dream 10 years ago became a reality for you. We
    all start at the beginning but winners are rewarded for the hours and hours
    of work they put in in private when nobodies looking. You’re an

  9. Delato says:

    You’re just a braggart at this point if your results spoke for themselves
    you wouldn’t need to consistently post about what you can afford. For all
    we know you’re a trust fund type. 

  10. Cookie says:

    Tim you are way to big headed

  11. Tola Ogunniyi says:

    Thanks Tim for the inspiration. I will be your millionaire challenge
    student soon once I have the $5,500 and some money to trade. Thanks and I
    wish you more success in every area of your life. Cheers

  12. robertrosen101 says:

    Hey Tim if I do happen to get accepted into your trading challenge about
    how much would it cost?

  13. robertrosen101 says:

    Btw I’m 17 and thinking about starting trading again with about $1000

  14. Sethu Shelembe says:

    Haters gonna hate

  15. Денис Конопляный says:

    That’s amazing man

  16. Houston Troli says:

    Wine tasting is definitely on my list of things to do with my lady Tim!

  17. smack93 says:

    you are an hour away from where i live 🙂 nice choice! Napa is awesome &
    the stock market as well! I am with Jason bond:))
    ftw AWESOME WEATHER in California today!!

  18. John J. says:

    THAT VIEW!!!!

  19. Sara Franciszka Lentz says:

    (555NYC) Wow! Napa is gorgeous 😉 Thanks for teaching us, Tim! Learning &
    earning at Profitly rocks! Commitment and consistency is what we have to do

  20. Gregg Walmsley says:

    Welcome to the Napa Valley. This is our life. 

  21. Manuel Freije says:

    Thank you Tim for sharing your awesome vacation and inspiring me to study
    even harder. 

  22. HereYouThrowThisAway Waa says:

    You got haters but hey that means your doing something right.@Modern_Rock
    has been up your ass lately. Saying you’re scalping your students for small
    gains. Like you and your students can move a stock trading a million+ in
    volume. Whats his deal with you…jealous? I know you can trade, I’ve been
    a subscriber. Most people found trading through you then they turn on you.

  23. Nimrod Vizi says:

    Hey Time. Quick question. I WHANT to start learning as fast as i can. I
    can’t afford right now the Challenge but as a first step would be to buy
    How To Make Millions and after i am done with that joining the challeng
    program? The Challenge program is to have real time feedback and Q&A right?
    All the rulls are layed down in the How To Make Millions dvd? Thank you.

  24. Matt Holland says:

    the never ending rant! haha TIMMMMMAYYYYY!!!!

  25. Ian Hare says:

    Yes this is the guy that rises above hate

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