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Grand Theft Auto V Jumbo and Private Jet HD

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No “Real” cars or “People” were harmed in the making of this film.

This game is epic and flying these 2 plans was crazy it was like SA in HD but even better 🙂

Video By Insanegaz

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Grand Theft Auto V Jumbo and Private Jet HD


  1. Amauri Alves Junior says:
  2. essowitz says:

    How did you get into the jumbo?

  3. OfficialPucho says:

    Smh noobs flying should have been the title

  4. Osiryz Official Clan says:

    wow i didnt know that it was so big plane

  5. Insanegaz says:

    Why don’t know drive bro?

  6. SeeqKTA says:

    how do you do this online?

  7. Calvin Howard says:

    do you have to hack to get a jumbo jet?

  8. Andy G says:

    Just buy the hangar so the cops won’t come after you

  9. kyaw banyar says:

    Why don’t you talk on your other videos?

  10. Manchester Brand says:

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  11. 이영규 says:

    Are you play xbox?

  12. CraigVlogz says:

    y dont you talk in other videos

  13. Neo Baker says:

    You should talk more in your videos

  14. meme sugar says:

    crach the plane into buliding

  15. Onur S says:

    you sound like Kimi Raikkonen lol asdafd.. nice cool

  16. Kris Andrus says:

    vuelas y conduses como las mierdas


    you don’t hack. these are legit

  18. Stefan says:

    3:44 ALLAHU AKBAR 

  19. frankytap says:

    Can you do this online?

  20. Harry Page says:

    How do you fly one?,Because,when I fly them huge massive Jumbo jets,I
    cannot get it up right in the air because of its weight,But still I love
    and prefer, the Private Jet Better,

  21. George Hirdy says:

    Would a plane really explode?

  22. luis erick gonzalez alor says:

    worl tour

  23. Los Santos, San Andreas says:

    As soon as the jet shut off all u had to do was level out the plane make a
    slight right and land it anywhere suitable. For the freeway you just had to
    land it right after the billboard past the bridge then slow down and stop
    perfect emergency landing. 

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