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Creflo Dollar’s $60 Million Private Jet Fundraiser

Creflo Dollar’s Million Private Jet Fundraiser


  2. Antron Bailey says:

    Majority if these Pulpit Pimps don’t give about people whatsoever. He could
    use this money help people become homeowners or start charter schools to
    educate black children in the community…

  3. Vangie Griffin says:

    Tooooo funny !

  4. Gatta Harmon says:


  5. goldengirl8188 says:

    Hilarious Creflo impression!

  6. Christopher Downes says:

    Good video. The black church is something else. Majority of these
    Christians claim to be men and women of God,but they really don’t live what
    they preach. It’s crazy.
    Kirk Franklin is my boy,but Creflo is a fraud.

  7. kizzmac says:

    His ass should be shut down. That 60 mil should be used to create
    businesses for the unemployed for black folks. Creflo Dollar let all praise
    get to him and then he felt comfortable to ask for 60 mil for a jet. But
    fuck him.

    These black preachers have been used to pacify blacks for centuries. This
    dude should not be preach and should be shut down for pimping the

  8. april farrington says:

    What Is Creflo Dollar’s Thinking Creflo Dollar’s Need To Understand That
    People Is Having Hard Time Right Now In This Day Time

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