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11 Private jet types SXM activity

Bizjets coming and going from SXM St Maarten, Featuring –
Start Dassault Falcon 800EX
00.06 VP-CRO Gulfstream V G550
00.51 N723AB Bombardier BD 700
02.02 PR-DIB Learjet 40
02.53 N919QS/N725DT Cessna Citation X
03.44 N111WB Learjet 35
04.25 N777MS Bombardier challenger 300
05.00 PJ-DOM Cessna 510 Citation Mustang
05.53 N529QS Gulfstream V G550
06.32 N500EF Gulfstream III
07.47 N900WS Hawker 850xp
08.29 N222QS Dassault Falcon 2000
09.10 Cessna Citation X (check the landing)
09.23 Dassault Falcon 2000 Runway 28 take off
11 Private jet types SXM activity


  1. Dez Rosswess says:


  2. TheHDAviation says:

    SXM must be a nice airport for spotting bizjets, bet there are a lot of
    rich and famous passing through in the winter months. Nice compilation!

  3. TopFelya says:

    Nice one. Lots of interesting staff here. G550 is my favourite 

  4. TopFelya says:

    11 private jet compilation at St Maarten Airport

  5. Boeingspotter1 - Canadian Aviation says:

    Nice footage! Got back home just yesterday with a load of my own bizjet
    shots, they sure are popular in SXM.

  6. fly blue says:

    WOW!!! what a great video I asked pilotdynan to do a video like this but no
    body has herd from him. But all in all you did a great job of this video
    huge like!!!!!!!

  7. Фарида Сафиуллова says:

    11 private jet compilation at St Maarten Airport

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