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Pastor Creflo Dollar Ask Church Congregation To Fund 65M Private Jet


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The Atlanta “prosperity gospel” minister and megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar is attempting to crowd fund himself a million Gulfstream G650 private jet.

Kirsten West Savali at The Root reported Friday morning that Dollar — who was arrested for assaulting his then-15-year-old daughter in 2012 — was flying in his old private jet when its engine lost power, prompting him to scrap it for a newer, top-of-the-line model.

Dollar is the pastor of World Changers Church, International, a sprawling megachurch complex located in the hard-bitten south Atlanta suburb College Park. The pastor and his family, however, live in a .5 million mansion in tony Sandy Springs.

Dollar — whose estimated worth is somewhere around million — is one the top proponents of so-called “prosperity gospel,” which preaches that God rewards the righteous in this life with affluence, which His chosen children have an obligation to flaunt as a show of how richly the Lord has blessed them.

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Pastor Creflo Dollar Ask Church Congregation To Fund 65M Private Jet


  1. Blue Kryptonite says:

    This is why I don’t go to church, Pastors are a bunch of hypocrites 

  2. jayspitstruth says:

    Black churches are a scam these pimps been pimping out the community since
    way back hes just a bigger example since he needs a jet but I seen too many
    local preachers with escalades and cadillacs

  3. Denise Hawkins says:

    That’s why they call him “Create a Dollar” SMH

  4. Good Night White Pride says:

    Religion and church are capitalistic lies. It’s no different today than in
    medieval times. A true religionists doesn’t restrict himself to already
    existing religions (christian religion, islam, buddhism, ………), but
    rather makes up their own. Without any concrete things that are common in
    religion (gods or bibles).

  5. Phil Theez Bawz says:

    He’s a false”PROFIT” $ $$$

  6. Rob Rack says:

    He needs that jet so he can talk to jesus in heaven! 

  7. BENNY BLANCO says:

    The cunt should be given 65 million slaps the thieving devil worshipping

  8. 02Deezy says:

    I always thought people like Creflo Wantyour Dollars Bishop Eddie Wrong and
    those who teach prosperity gospel are pulpit pimps. I was once a member of
    a small church where they took up 3 to 4 offerings, just because they come
    up short. Prosperity Gospel is just another get rich quick scam 

  9. Young Vibes says:

    Creflo Dollar is such a pimp name.

  10. Judah's Back says:

    MC Creflo wants Yo Dollas… Wake Up Jacob!!!!

  11. mike jones says:

    And sad thing is some of those pathetic souls will support him for that!
    Thinking they will receive a blessing if they do all i can do is SMMFH!

  12. Str8 Shooter says:

    Jesus rode a donkey (SMH) and he is the king of kings.

    Matthew 19:24 – it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle
    than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

    Man cannot serve God and money at the same time. 

  13. Ben A says:

    Gross excesses by Christian conmen…
    Pastor Creflo Dollar Ask Church Congregation To Fund 65M Private Jet:

  14. Kelvin Johnson says:

    I would think 65 Mil would do so much more for the people of his
    church,other then this so-called man of god wanting to fly in comfort.Still
    i think it was said”You don’t need a place of wood and stone to worship”.So
    i’m more then sure a pastor doesn’t need a jet to spread the word..shameful
    on another level.I’d think those who attend this mans church should take a
    long hard look at who they let preach to them…but that’s just me.

  15. Public Enemy Number One says:

    The Prosperity Gospel in a nutshell:

    1. Find suckers.

    2. Cash in.


  16. Solomon Hunter says:

    Wow just wow and people wonder why the outside world don’t like coming to
    church stuff like this just shaking my head why kind of man of God are
    you… oh wait your not your just there for the money

  17. Bloombaby99 says:

    Drug dealers get you high on dope; preachers get you high on hope. 

  18. TheAdviseShowTV says:

    Creflo Dollar supporters,,,Did my words offend you? Why? I’m only stating
    the obvious that this man is presenting publicly. I hate when people don’t
    listen. I stated “i don’t have a issue with a pastor having money”. If you
    would have listened to that then some of you wouldn’t have wrote me. I’m
    sorry but a man worth 27M asking people that have a median income of less
    than 30k a year is crazy to me. Stop with the worship of a man and worship
    God. Ask yourself this question. Why would he take down the donation video?
    If he was right there would be no need to take it down. Then some of you
    say don’t judge him. It’s funny because no one wants to hear when they or
    someone they like is wrong. Pastors can be called out also.

    At the end of the day it’s your money and if you want to finance his
    jet,,then have at it. I or no one else can stop you. 

  19. Rich Gannon says:

    What if he gets 30 million and cant get 65, i wonder if he will give it
    back. Probably not.

  20. The Realest Blackman on YouTube says:

    The BLACK PASTOR is the greatest enemy to the black community. The
    Government and the black church work together to KEEP you in poverty and

  21. Joanna Roberts says:

    I feel something terrible is coming down the road. There is a reason why
    the Elite had Creflo Dollar make that a announcement which made head lines
    on Friday the 13. The elite are trying to keep people distracted by having
    them give away their hard earned money to this scam. So therefore they
    won’t be prepared when the dollar collapses by not using their money to buy
    canned food and water to store up now while the economy is good. Because
    the Elite wants them to starve to death because the elite believe in

  22. Brian Hudson says:

    Pastor Creflo Dollar asking his parishoners and supporters to give him
    $65,000,000 for a jet?! That is silly. The money is needed for much better
    things instead. I previously saw the story you did about Bishop I.V.
    Hilliard asking his parishoners and supporters for $50,000 to replace the
    blades on his helicopter. Now, I see why are so many preachers like them
    who are doing nothing but pimping people for money and scamming them in the
    process. Their actions have already made made the black church look bad.
    Both of them are so downright reprehensible!!! Greed and corruption are
    already alive in the black church!!!!!

  23. Valerie E. Young says:

    You are correct sir. Thank you for this video. The problem is people are
    praising MAN…For Mr. Dollar to open his mouth to make such a request is
    nuts especially when most the members are hurting financially and so forth.
    This man problem do not know ALL his members

  24. AirIUnderwater says:

    He can literally just fly coach for the rest of his life to anywhere he
    needs to go for cheaper than 65 million dollars. But I’m just an
    agnostic/atheist so what do I know, right? >_>

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