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Creflo Dollar asks members for a $65M private jet

Georgia megapastor Creflo Dollar has been under fire recently for going above and beyond in his requests for financial benefits to his ministry. Most paraishioners are accustomed to the pastor reaching out for a few dollars here and there, but the world was shocked by his most recent request.

Dollar recently asked his members to give him million dollars so he could buy one of the fanciest and most expensive private jets known to man.
Creflo Dollar asks members for a M private jet


  1. trahapace150 says:

    Never trust a pastor named dollar

  2. jfraz1992 says:

    Creflo dollar? & this nigga had a nerve to ask for a jet? Gtfoh

  3. Robert Manning says:

    Dr. Watkins your point was valid, and would carry more weight with me if
    these Mega Church’s did more in the communities that they are in. However
    that is not the case at all, the only thing getting better is their bank
    account and standards of living. They (Mega Church Pastors) have made
    Religion and Going to Church a solo proprietorship and they alone are
    benefitting from it. Now if this was back in the day when pastors really
    were men and women of God, and did out reaches In the communities, had free
    food kitchens, basically help the poor and disenfranchised in the
    communities sadly this is not the case. He in my opinion is not any better
    than the devil he says that he’s protecting you from. No, he does not need
    a private jet to spread the word of God, planes are leaving every hour on
    the hour all around the world. He’s greedy, and if he or TD Jakes makes it
    into heaven, it would not be a place that I would want to spend any time In
    with those 2 in the same place!

  4. Jeremy Pargo says:

    Come on guys ,lets start a crowd funding for Mr. Dollar. Lets try to get it
    to 200 million.

  5. Ol' Whitey McWhiterson says:

    Creflo Dolla Dolla BILLS Y’all.

    You went wayyyyy too soft. This fools name says it all. Negroes are getting
    slaughtered in these damn streets and this monkey ass joker is whining
    about planes? This clown is sitting in his own private chair in the sky
    whizzing over the country as the bodies pile up below from New York to San

  6. Bullet Club Biggz says:

    The sad thing is….people are going to donate
    to him. 

  7. SuperTmoney says:

    My question is why do poor people give their all to the church an when you
    need help from the church they draw a blank or say pray about. So on logic
    the pastor that say pray about it. Shouldn’t we say to the pastor you
    should pray for a new jet. 

  8. Honestly Kia says:

    I was waiting for this brothas commentary omg!! Now to those of you that
    relish in things like this bc you carry this hatred for the black church or
    organized religion in general… Just have a seat. You can’t shame ppl for
    freely giving money towards something they believe in. Not when Beyonce can
    charge $1,000 a ticket and there are actually ppl that will pay for it.
    Realize that it basically all comes back to what you believe in, what’s
    important to each individual, and what they IDOLIZE. Now as a Christian and
    someone who has grown up in the church, I’m very familiar with the church
    basically buying things for the pastors. Sometimes with the tithes and
    offerings and sometimes with special collections. To me, any money
    collected by the church should be used for community outreach PD! The way
    God intended. Not used to afford the pastor a certain lifestyle. Not even
    to pay the church up-keep bills aka the building fund. No the pastors are
    to believe God for provision the way we do. Now in biblical days, the
    pastors or Levitical priesthood a lived in the church. It was literally
    their home and they didn’t work at all. So they were provided for, bc God
    commanded it. But in 2015, we surely don’t need to be purchasing jets for
    pastors. I often times struggle with being apart of the body of Christ. Too
    many hustlers in the pulpit. Too many broken ppl being manipulated. Too
    many blacks struggling.

  9. Tandrea Spain says:

    My first thought was… Creflo Dolla betta get on the Grey hound bus like
    everybody else! (laughing)

  10. keliy84 says:

    #teamJesus, but has this negro lost his mind? Of course God wants us to
    prosper and He will do that Himself… read Jeremiah 29:11, you ain’t got
    to beg for it, He will supply. Last I checked we were not to lust for the
    things of this world.. I digress

  11. ReturnoftheBrotha says:

    This is a pointless video. Boyce, as usual, cannot commit to a damned
    thing and double talks. You cannot criticize, then understand at the same
    time. You know the guy is a pimp and is materialistic and getting what he
    thinks he can from the suckers who give up their money to hear a man speak.

  12. a300pilotster says:

    #1. Does said God even exist? Elephant in the room.

  13. Bella Doll says:

    I don’t think you can compare Prince to a pastor. Perhaps it’s assumed that
    men who put themselves in the position of a leader or servant of God that
    there is a certain level of humility associated with it. I’m sorry but
    these prosperity preachers are false prophets and crooks who prey upon
    people’s weaknesses to deepen their pockets for gain. Christianity has
    become obscured and commercialized in to a multi-million dollar business
    and the people who go to these mega churches are being deceived. I don’t
    care what anyone says, Creflo Dollar is a con artist. A private jet? You’ve
    got to be kidding me. Good luck to this so-called paster on judgement day.
    Jesus Christ was a homeless carpenter and still spread the word of God to
    hundreds of cities. How do you explain Creflo Dollar having the bushes on
    his mansion cut out in to dollar signs? Is that for entertainment? Just

  14. shan rite says:

    This is why I can’t go to black churches. They are filled with frauds and
    predators, and not always in the pulpit. Some pastors are ok but their
    flock is dangerous. I only know of one worth going to in my area, but it’s
    nearly 50 miles away.

    Anyways, the church is the body of Christ, so believers are supposed to go
    to church or serve in some ministry/missionary. It’s not intended to be
    entertainment. The church is supposed to be God’s house, and if it isn’t,
    it isn’t really a church.

    I believe in supporting your church, but that shouldn’t include buying the
    pastor a $65 million jet though. I wonder how many scholarships he gives
    and how many food banks. What good is his ministry/church if it isn’t
    actually helping anyone except him? He might as well be selling crack, if
    his only purpose is to make people feel good.

  15. Black Gravity says:

    Why couldn’t Creflo ask to get a cargo plane to help feed the starving and
    poor in Africa>>>>

  16. Oswald Bates says:

    Well part of the shtick is that pastors claim to be the voice, and have the
    ear to the mouth of God. Which is why their followers gravitate so closely
    to them. So if this “Man of God” claim to receive a word from God regarding
    any material gifts, then your obedience to Creflo is pretty much equal to
    giving to God….. its a hustle with ALOT of these pastors, Dr..

  17. GA Magi says:

    I met Creflo when he was in college. Nice charismatic guy with an easy
    going personality. Over the past 20+ years I have come to be amazed at the
    massive following and resultant wealth he has amassed. I am not a fan of
    the prosperity gospel for which he is known for. Actually, I am no longer a
    Christian in contemporary terms based on his theology and many other
    preachers. I am not surprised by this uproar over a 60 million dollar
    luxury jet. Many other tv preachers have offered up similar requests.
    Congregates and partners WILL contribute. It’s a fact. Mega churches are a
    business enterprise FIRST and ministry is a RESULT of positive cash flow.
    Many may not remember the PTL debacle in the 1980’s. Same song different
    verse. It is my opinion that his congregation and partners are enablers to
    his ego. I have nothing further to comment on; however, I leave a quote to
    consider: “Religious people often prefer to be right rather than
    compassionate. Often, they don’t want to give up their egotism. They want
    their religion to endorse their ego, their identity.”
    Wake up family.

  18. tom11zz884 says:

    That PIMP is worth around 30 million.

    He can buy his own plane tickets for 100 lifetimes……

  19. Philippe Matayoshi says:

    Since most of his sheep are in fact female, if they were to invest their
    donated playa money into education, birth control, health, counseling for
    the obvious self-hate related mental illness widespread, wouldn’t that do
    the community more justice – and result in more immediate
    healing/results? Not to mention slowing down the bastard and killing mill?
    For the delusional type, okay, just invest half. Easy math to me…

  20. Donald Scott says:

    U sir r absolutely right..i am an atheist but i do understand the
    importance of faith..but just as i dont pay to hear destructive music as
    entertainment..i will not pay to be entertained by a pastor..i have
    football for that.

  21. Blackprivileged says:

    It’d be a cold day in hell before I give this toothpick in mouth PIMP a
    got’dang dime. He’s taking money out of our community and hand delivering
    to the white power structure. 

  22. personkid21 says:

    my question is he offering better rates than commercial airlines?
    Does his ministry have a frequent flier milage program for members, and are
    these miles transferable(like other programs).
    Will this ‘gifted’ jet have wifi or in seat entertainment, as well as meals?

    If so sign me up, I’ll join the congregation in a new york minute.(I’ve
    been looking to gain more miles better than using delta miles).

    If his sheep oops congregation do have access to ‘their’ new mode of
    transportation(I think not), maybe this may be ideal. But my spidey senses
    are tingling and they are pointing to this being another reason Black folk
    need to think of joining the church of reality.(possibly more religion that
    can help them there than giving dollars to a single ‘dollar’)

  23. BOB ABOOEY says:

    When you gotta do a long paragraph trying to explain why this fool is right
    in wanting all this money for bullshit,it makes me wanna become a pastor &
    empty your pockets.”Yes lord we gonna pass the gold plate around & this
    time please I don’t need any money that Rolls I need some money that

  24. Cornelius Allen says:

    Not necessarily opposed to religious leaders using private jets for travel
    (since a number of them travel too often and too far to opt for commercial
    airlines), but a $65-million campaign for a flagship Gulfstream does seem
    quite excessive. There is a market for pre-owned jets that are much newer
    with comparable carrying capacity.

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