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Buying the Life – Private Jets

From the series Private Jets
Buying the Life – Private Jets


  1. seaworthy48 says:

    don’t get me wrong I use jets all the time going from Maine to Natal,
    Brazil or to Santos, Brazil,., I just love Yacht’s much better over Jets
    and I have been in some real nice one’s too,.,

  2. davidls11 says:

    Nice plane, but I’d still rather fly one of these /watch?v=ofm7YIzsnaI

  3. TL3WIS says:

    Is it really important enough for you to tell people that you like yachts
    better so that you have to leave two separate comments on this video? btw,
    “I use jets all the time”- im sure you do *sarcasm*.

  4. taliyeuk says:

    i am buy one tomorow

  5. Ham3t says:

    Well if you have enough money to buy a jet he/she might as well have a

  6. Aaathan says:

    I think Im gonna buy one tomorrow.

  7. x34celtics34x says:

    im might buy one today

  8. IndianSettler says:

    I agree!

  9. TNCMAviator says:

    no shit..

  10. TNCMAviator says:

    ur an Idiot.

  11. Samir Dhanani says:

    Dude put some babes in that plane if u show it for sure it will sell it how
    do u think Victoria secret in business

  12. LaZyLuKe25 says:

    they already have one of thos.. it called the pigeony it starts with a p tho

  13. mwenpakab says:

    @squarcitto looooooooooool hahahaha u made my day brro

  14. Eric Escribano says:

    @juuls26 How is getting tax deductions making anyone pay for their private

  15. juuls26 says:

    @Ericescrib Well if the CEO don’t pay taxes but still use the roads get the
    protection from the police and military while other people have to pay full
    taxes that’s how.

  16. Spencer Staudinger says:

    @kutubu1 yeah same here!

  17. FlyManBob says:

    I think I will add an additional engine to my airplane to make up for the
    people that think bicycling and hang gliding are steps foward. Lets all go
    back and punish horses by making them pull us across the country for 2

  18. daaannnielleee says:

    “the flying jet life”

  19. Jose Farias says:

    @paulaabdulabdul no you have to learn how to spell first

  20. Lex_Ka says:

    but.. can your bycicle get you to your business meeting across the country
    in 30 minutes?

  21. Jesse Westerman says:

    @jeffzahnd Well, thaught of putting it on e-bay??

  22. Oleg Derezzed says:

    Can i buy one in the supermarket?

  23. ceblack100 says:

    Now I know what to do with my $30 million

  24. AviationNation10 says:

    @kutubu1 HIPPY

  25. Tony Fonseca says:

    @ceblack100 That is not enough Money 🙂 try $60 Million and up and then up
    keep and gas 🙂

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