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Emirates Executive | A319 Luxury Private Jet | Emirates

Emirates has launched ‘Emirates Executive’, its first luxury private jet service. The exclusive, ultra-spacious Airbus A319 aircraft offers unsurpassed luxury in travel, and introduces new technology and design to meet the most discerning traveller’s requirements. For enquiries, please visit
Emirates Executive | A319 Luxury Private Jet | Emirates


  1. Dieter Fassbender says:

    Very impressive. As always. #emirates #bestairline #bestservice #dubai 

  2. miguel parillas rasco says:

    airbus for business……………

  3. Muhammad Shafi Ilham says:

    It cost USD15000 per hour

  4. Stratos Jet Charters, Inc says:

    Impressive is an understatement

  5. TheSolnabo says:

    Whaat, no Sharks on ACJ319?

  6. savgal1211 says:

    THIS is the way to Join the “:Mile High Club” 

  7. Eric Alexandre says:

    Man better not crash can’t ever be found

  8. Eduardo P.V.Rubaudonadeu says:

    A few hours ahead…


    i just love this flight

  10. ivan lim says:

    even Warrent Buffet doesnt fly like this… oh and the owner of IKEA flies

  11. Maypatinvestments Musonda says:

    Just nice one.

  12. medo tedo says:

    You are ARAB MUSLIMS country WHY WHY wine ? why ? ha ha ha why ?

  13. Mohamed Amine Radjradj says:

    no comment ! 

  14. annoula7777777 says:

    omg seems like a great experience!!!!!Wish i could be in your cabin crew
    one day!!!!

  15. citibear57 says:

    Wow! Very nice. This is THE way to fly! Emirates impresses me very much,
    not from personal experience, but from what I see in online videos. Hello
    Emirates. Hello Impressive.

  16. Mela Komes says:

    Emirates Executive | A319 Luxury Private Jet

  17. Nalaka Chaminda says:

    Emirates, Luxury Private Jet (^-^)v 

  18. Muhammad Shafi Ilham says:

    Will Emirates place this cabin into their a380s which are haven’t been sent
    to Emirates to compete with Etihad’s new cabin in their new a380.The cabin
    in Emirates Executive is outstanding.If they can out an ultra version of
    this into their future a380s,I will take it.

  19. Welle Max says:

    all for only 1 billion dollars

  20. Fatima Hadi says:

    Check out this video on YouTube: I love Emirates

  21. SUPERGALAXY says:

    Is their only one private jet or more

  22. Paralyzer says:

    im getting one for christmas!

  23. Arden Kitomari says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  24. Ricardo Teixeira says:

    too I love fly EK Air Lines , is a fantastic Air Lines!

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