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Bailout fuels Bank of America’s private jets Taxpayers have given Bank of America billion in bailout funds to help jumpstart our economy, but instead the bank has misspent on executive salaries and corporate jets. Then Bank of America took even more money from cash-strapped states by not paying for workers healthcare.

Its time for Bank of America to use its taxpayer-funded windfall to support a real economic recovery and provide health care for its 247,000 workers—or give the money back.
Bailout fuels Bank of America’s private jets


  1. Sandi Leonardelli says:

    Great vid!

  2. PeaceProfit says:

    Dream*Boat America set sail into the unknown as the Nina, Pinta & Santa
    Maria, built he’r self up into the Edmund Fitzgerald, arrived on the high
    seas as the Titanic, hit the ice berg of climate change, loaded the
    survivors onto the Exxon Valdez, ran aground and everyone jumped ship like
    rats onto the Black Pearl, now he’r only salvation or hope for rescue is to
    start bailing out the sinking ship, change habits and ways, surrounded by a
    military escort, while scrambling aboard the Love*Boat.

  3. realrockvince says:

    Don’t forget, your man O-bomb-a voted for this.

  4. ReliableInsider says:

    Now the whole house is burning an Obama is required to just sit and wait
    like the rest of us until January 20th. I admire his equanimity in this
    ridiculous situation.

  5. Plecter says:

    realrockvince Wow, you must be very smart if you came up with that
    “O-bomb-a”-thing yourself!!!!!!11 WOW! Only very smart people re-spell
    names of politicians as if it is of any relevance to the nature of the

  6. realrockvince says:

    You have 4-8 years to work on making up some good excuses for your Caesar,
    get used to it (the Republicans did).

  7. ReliableInsider says:

    The solution is to start finding and shutting down the white collar crooks
    sooner, and to stimulate the economy by investing wisely. There’s nothing
    partisan about that. Unemployment is projected to rise to 9% or even 11%.
    We’ll be lucky if we can get it down to 7%. We’re in the middle of a crisis
    of Biblical proportions. We don’t really have time for partisanship. Not
    that we did in the 1990s. Even in boom times, it’s a -waste- of time.

  8. RealWorldPolitics says:

    Please join me in putting a stop to Bank of America’s use of federal TARP
    bail out money to take homes away from families. Bank of America is using
    federal bail out money to buy up all of the law firms on unlawful detainer
    cases. There is only one lawyer in all of San Bernardino County, CA that
    will represent defendants and then only if you have $25k. Defending against
    eviction proceedings against Bank of America is not an option at this time!

  9. RealWorldPolitics says:

    Bank of America is also using these TARP bail out funds to buy foreclosed
    properties from JP Morgan (Bear & Stearns and EMC) for above market values
    in what amounts to an illegal insider trading scam to protect each bank
    from suffering the real losses that they would suffer if the homes that
    they were foreclosing on were subjected to an actual foreclosure sale
    rather than prearranged price fixing.

  10. RealWorldPolitics says:

    As long as these practice continues, there is no relief and no justice for
    millions of Americans who are victims of the predatory lending and unlawful
    loan servicing practices of these financial giants. Please help! Contact me
    for more information.

  11. Kamran Amintaheri says:

    yeahhhh little innocent bank of americaaaaa

  12. pissysteve says:


  13. Mike Paiva says:

    The U.S. Airforce should shoot down that jet and get some of our money back.

  14. B Hamilton says:

    If we are going after executives flying jets and wasting money then we
    definitely need to go after the President for wasteful, unnecessary, highly
    expensive flights on Airforce One like flying 20 staff and himself to Ohio
    to give a speech how “20” jobs were created with stimulus bill. Not to
    mention the parties they are throwing every week that we pay for: expensive
    wines, expensive entertainment, and expensive dinners like $100 per steak.
    Extravagance we cannot afford!

  15. wahwah56 says:

    here’s a thought….you don’t ever overdraft, you don’t ever pay a cent in
    overdraft fees….WOW, freaken rocket science

  16. nicknicknickr13 says:

    Last time I checked the bailout was a LOAN to the banks at 8% interest PLUS
    dividends! Therefore, Bank of America can spend that money on whatever the
    hell they want! Why would they want to waste this LOANED money at a high
    interest rate on high risk customers like yourselves! Bank of America does
    not tell you how to spend the money they loan to you! So why should you
    tell them how to spend money they were loaned? So shut up and deal with it!
    Every financial Institution has the same problems!

  17. neelonghunglow says:

    the only problem is that all that money comes from the tax dollars that
    they pull from mine and yours pay checks, so much money is going to be paid
    back, but not by anyone but the tax payers. esceccially future tax payers.
    sorry if i miss spelled.

  18. sds7508 says:

    Is anyone paying attention that Congress just spent 200 million dollars on
    3 private jets! Your anger is misplaced we should be angry at Congress! Now
    they want to make us take a healthcare plan they themselves do not want.
    How do I know this? Because they voted against an amendment that said all
    members of congress would change their federal healthcare to the public
    options. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  19. theturnerconnection says:

    @nicknicknickr13 Actually, when you go to Bank of America or any bank for
    that matter for a loan, typically they want to know EXACTLY what you’re
    going to use they’re money for….hence home loan, auto loan, personal
    loan, student loan. You’re not going to apply for a home loan then spend
    that money on a Mickey Mantle rookie card. There isn’t a bank in the world
    that gives money away on the fly. Just sayin….

  20. verdemanthe1 says:

    @Bboop4444plus dumb

  21. verdemanthe1 says:

    @Threeaxlejack dumb

  22. verdemanthe1 says:

    @dieper2dieper I will probably kill you some day

  23. B Hamilton says:

    @verdemanthe1 Yes is is dumb when one irresponsible person points a finger
    at another person knowing full well three are pointing right back at them.

  24. verdemanthe1 says:

    @verdemanthe1 naw I dont mean that

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