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Soulja Boy Buys $55 Mil Private Jet

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While the rest of the country teeters on the brink of total economic collapse, Soulja Boy has treated himself to a million private jet. The rapper, who turned 21 on Thursday July 28th, splurged on the aircraft, which actually cost million but Mr. Boy dropped an additional million to pimp it out. How does one pimp out their own jet? Custom Italian leather seats, flat screen Tvs, four bars, a tiled floor and Brazilian hardwood cabinets would do the trick. Oh, and let’s not forget the custom-built spacious, luxury bathroom and an exterior paint-job to include his own logo.

If that weren’t enough, Mr. Boy is spending 0,000 to throw himself a birthday party in Miami on Friday night, with Dwight Howard, Bow Wow and Sean Kingston expected to attend. Which reminds me a lot of my own birthday this month, where I burned frozen chicken fingers in my oven after drinking a case of Pabts Blue Ribbon and then passed out in a dark corner of my studio apartment only to wake up with the smoke detector blaring and a text message from my ex girlfriend asking why I called her 7 times without leaving a message.,,20513997,00.html
Soulja Boy Buys Mil Private Jet


  1. Jaimie Vanderhouck says:

    Who cares if he did that! Its his money and I glad I know how much those
    cost now. Way cool

  2. uman71 says:

    I see a bankruptcy in the near future!

  3. CarlJohnson says:


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