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Davos 1700 private jets as Elderly auctioned off

The artist taxi driver
Davos 1700 private jets as Elderly auctioned off


  1. Al Freeman RBE says:

    Indolent,wasteful, degenerates can’t be expected to use public transport.
    They have to make all our decisions for us, even though we’ve never wanted,
    or asked, them to.

  2. Joseph Gordon says:

    Tory Motto “We’re all in it together”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bunny Spangle says:

    The most terrifying fact about the universe is not that it is hostile but
    that it is indifferent. Stanley Kubrik.

  4. Bunny Spangle says:

    A little perspective – The
    largest NASA Hubble Space Telescope image ever assembled, this sweeping
    bird’s-eye view of a portion of the Andromeda galaxy. Look upon my works &
    despair – welcome to the cold cold indifferent universe motherfuckers –

  5. Bunny Spangle says:

    Chunky the universe is indifferent – Chunky the sooner you accept this
    reality the better – Chunky whining on YouTube about the universes lack of
    concern for your concerns will get you precisely nowhere. Sage Bunny’s
    words of wisdom :D

  6. Raggy omar says:

    After Applying Two Tubes of Hemorrhoid Cream overnight Bunnies Piles have
    gone down a bit, Although Riding the Bike is Still Painful.

  7. tzm rbe says:


  8. viksterRatz says:

    Mark your device continuously is in contact with the nearest tower… As you
    are moving around your different coordinates are tracked and stored & all
    your calls, messages and internet history are stored & spies have access to
    these files and can know your daily routine!

  9. smokrscreen2010 says:

    Soros to dump the U.S. Dollars.

  10. Nodding Dog says:

    Brilliant chunkymark.
    I totally agree with everything you say

  11. Lane Hewitt says:

    The best part is that the focus there is on climate change! Complete and
    utter piss take.

  12. Jihad Lovelyeyes says:

    Robbing Bastards !!

  13. revol148 says:

    why do working class people always feel the need to shout to get their
    opinion across – is it something to do with their pre-ordained inarticulacy
    I wonder?

  14. Raggy omar says:

    Meanwhile the Iraq Inquiry report not due out until after the Election
    and Sanctions up again, erm… i mean unemployment down.

  15. helmethead72 . says:

    These economists will tell us that the global economy is doing great. It’s
    just the people who are not. Twas ever thus.
    In 2010, the financial elite gathered in Davos suggested that all the
    global economy needed was $200 trillion in stimulus money to fix the mess
    they made of things three years earlier. In 2011 they claimed that $300
    trillion was needed but have decided now to just use the established method
    of keeping the global economy ticking over- an endless war against terror.
    Endless opportunities to keep money from welfare and social mobility and
    give it to the military/industrial complex. Twas ever thus.

  16. chloe lawes says:

    I’m thinking

  17. mrmrdean1 says:

    Cant think of his user name now,but there was a regular on here that used
    to slate most on here for moaning daily but not really contributing to any
    real change by boycotting their taxes in order to give these fuckers a kick
    up the ass. I think he was right. I also hear on the radio lately
    something about “is democracy really the way forward and does it work” Does
    that mean that the cunts are going to try and have the blind back that one
    next and take with it any remaining rights from us? All these goody two
    shoes benefit street watching fucking planks backing these idiots are
    almost as responsible as those in power.

  18. mrmrdean1 says:

    Just caught a glimpse of yet another tv programme used in the fight against
    the poorer half of society called “saints and sinners” with that Fraudsters
    friend matt alright. I want to personally club any dumb fucker who falls
    for this shit. GRRR.

  19. Bunny Spangle says:

    Mark shut up you sttttttttttttuttering buffoon titter

  20. Bunny Spangle says:

    Wwwwwwwwhaaaaaatt did he say – titter.

  21. Stephanie Gilley says:

    Limits on wealth now before they kill us all.

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