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The Cost of Buying Timeshares in a Private Jet (money inspirACTION#177)

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I initially found out how much a Flying Card for private jets is (watch that episode here:
, but I noticed something strange when it came to going one step further and having a Timeshare in a Jet (and unlimited access)…; this money inspirACTION is about how I CHANGED that!

*_*_*_* What is the Money InspirACTION Challenge? *_*_*_*

Thanks for watching this video…You may be wondering what IS Money inspirACTION?? Well it’s doing something new with money everyday for a year, and filming it.

I believe it’s truly unnecessary that so many people around the world live in fear when it comes to money. Fear of not having enough money, fear of never having enough money, fear of losing their money etc you get my drift.

I believe we live in a *unlimited* world with limits set only by our minds.

I started Money inspirACTION to really explore this in more detail and to inspire as many people as possible to action if they are living in fear with money, and to know that another way is possible. We all have a money wizard inside us….

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The Cost of Buying Timeshares in a Private Jet (money inspirACTION#177)


  1. Susanna Soderstrom says:

    Thank you for the research. It’s true, the other number made me flinch but
    not this one…. Interesting! Could you clarify that this is the price for
    actually owning a private jet (or 1/16th of one)? It’s the exact equivalent
    of the current price of an Audi R8 2013 (featured prominently in the book
    50 Shades of Grey).

  2. Sandy Leveque says:

    You’re welcome! It’s the price for 1/16th of a jet. You actually have
    access to their whole fleet as long as you give 10 hours notice. With a pay
    as you go card you have to choose one type of plane (and therefore a
    specific time in the air limit) Interesting about the audis! watch this
    space 😉

  3. TankNutty says:

    If you find some time, could you make a video in french about your research
    in private jet ? thank you 🙂

  4. Sandy Leveque says:

    Tank Nutty- yes I’ll do this! 

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