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Private Jets coming in @ St Kitts (HD 1080p)

Lots of Pivate jet action in this video, they kept landing one after the other,…….poor Seaborne Airlines was holding short for a while 🙂 !!!!

Dassault Falcon 2000
Cessna Citation X
Private Jets coming in @ St Kitts (HD 1080p)


  1. skbenergy says:

    Its a party session of Private Jets @ St Kitts, Caribbean 🙂 !!!!!!

  2. Amkar Championov says:

    crasashtci private jets landings this is the best vid ever liked

  3. Toronto Planespotting says:


  4. HannoverSpotter says:

    Great video! Why did they came?

  5. Edostuff ✈ CroHD Planespotting says:

    Nice to see all these Bizjets :)

  6. nmaster2470/ Nicholas says:

    Nice video big like

  7. commander402 says:

    muy bonito vídeo gracias y saludos.

  8. Brandon McLeish says:

    Wow,nice video

  9. Jonathan Beaumont says:

    curacao also has alot off private jets since venezuela has been
    confiscating some

  10. Jonathan Winton says:

    Nice one of the Seaborne s340 at the beginning. Twas very nice. Nice ones
    of those private jets too. Liked 🙂 

  11. Brandon Joseph Ghany says:

    Nice! Gulfstream 200, then Gulfstream 150, then Cessna 680, then Cessna

  12. fly blue says:

    Finally someone made a good private jet spotting video awesome video

  13. Manchester Aviation says:

    Awesome video :-)

  14. SLUAviationvideos says:

    Things nice lol….i see they have Seaborne on a hold and expedite mission

  15. 99carnot says:

    Good looking biz jets, great camera work! Beautiful place for an airport:)

  16. bajeboi says:

    Are they plans to build the taxiway fully parallel the runway?

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