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Private Jets at Skiathos, the 2nd St Maarten|CL-600,Hawker 750,800XPi|Skiathos PlaneSpotting

Few people with an interest in aviation will not have heard of the island of St Maarten, famous for its spectacular airport, Princess Juliana, where aircraft pass over Maho beach at head-height. The airport of the Greek island of Skiathos offers identical approaches and can be described as St Maarten’s cheap alternative, or even “The Second St Maarten Airport”. In this video, watch a Bombardier CL-600, a Hawker 750, and Hawker 800XPi take off right next to you and land right over your head at Skiathos’ runway 02.

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Camera used:
– Panasonic HDC SD-90

Microphone used:
– Rode Videomic Pro @ 0 dB, High Pass Filter OFF
– Micover Slipover for Rode Videmic Pro Microphone Windscreen

Tripod used:
– Velbon DV-7000

Editing Software:
-Sony Vegas Pro 12
Private Jets at Skiathos, the 2nd St Maarten|CL-600,Hawker 750,800XPi|Skiathos PlaneSpotting


  1. TheGreatFlyer says:

    Really? Interesting! Do you know by chance why that happened? Were they on
    a mission or something?

  2. Nicosia Aeromodelling says:

    simply amazing! love these little jets! thanks for sharing greatflyer!

  3. TheGreatFlyer says:

    Thanks for your positive feedback!

  4. TheGreatFlyer says:

    Thank you for your comment!

  5. skbenergy says:

    i have seen videos on this airport, its truely a secodn St Maarten 🙂
    Greetings from the Caribbean !

  6. thomastidewater says:

    The first landing was an absolute JOY to watch. Hardly any smoke, bet the
    tires didn’t even squeal!

  7. TheGreatFlyer says:

    It was great, indeed!

  8. jetblueilikeful says:

    First landing, taxing with reverse thrusters still going WOW

  9. CyMirtos says:

    ti en to apu?

  10. TheGreatFlyer says:

    Auxiliary power unit. Τρίτη μηχανή στο πίσω μέρος του αεροσκάφους που
    χρησιμοποιείται ως γεννήτρια ρεύματος και σβήνεται πριν την απογείωση.

  11. CyMirtos says:

    ok 😛

  12. Epic Monomaxos says:

    Fix: APU is opened to generate power in the start-up and closed after
    engine Start-Up procedure is completed. Also it is opened after landing (As
    far as i Know)

  13. TheGreatFlyer says:

    Correct. It is needed to get the engines started and it is turned on just
    after landing to provide power when the engines shut down.

  14. TheGreatFlyer says:

    Thank you very much!

  15. george7378 says:


  16. TheGreatFlyer says:

    Thank you very much!

  17. Ivraj Plaha says:

    3:48 😮

  18. Mitchell McMullen says:

    why were the planes in reverse thrust while taxiing to takeoff

  19. TheGreatFlyer says:

    Honestly, I have no idea… Maybe to test the reversers, or they might be
    using reverse thrust instead of brakes!

  20. TheGreatFlyer says:

    Thank you very much! Expect more this August!

  21. AviationNLNZ says:


  22. manudan93 says:

    do they use reverse thrust on one engine to turn on the runway? and did
    this guy 2:30 turn off his engine?

  23. TheGreatFlyer says:

    They do use reverse when taxiing very often. Yes, he shut down his third
    engine, the Auxiliary Power Unit, an engine which provides power to the

  24. Thorh Einarsson says:

    Interesting videos here, great talent who is working With “good eye” and
    have a big intuition for filming. Showing fly and pilots and have feedback
    and wave from them. It’s great work, I have enjoyed to watch, talent to do
    further great Things. Clear and good video, what type??

  25. Flights Worldwide〈 Videos says:

    great video!!

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