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Kenyans Mock President Jonathan Over 7 Private Jets [] – This is what the tourism board md said about Nigeria’s president Jonathan recently.
Kenyans Mock President Jonathan Over 7 Private Jets []


  1. muda nas says:

    Wasteful and disgraceful. You are seen as thieves not leaders. You can no
    longer travel with pride as your attitudes and greed follow you. Sucking
    the blood of your citizens dry. Many tariffs went up to pay for this show
    of shame. 

  2. muda nas says:

    Aro – Disprove this allegations. It wasn’t made by Nigerians. I would be
    happy to know it wasn’t true. I understood there’s presidential fleet thus
    this is not impossible. How many develop or developing countries has
    presidential jet fleet? 

  3. johnall ono says:

    Nigerian Leaders went to kenya with many private jets because they were
    warned by the Prophet TB Joshua not to travel in one plane.
    Tb joshua prophecied seeing many nigerian leaders being
    crashed in one barloon. He warned the leaders not to be in one vehicle,
    ship or plane. Since then nigerian leaders travel saprately
    any where they go.. This is the YOUTUBE link to the prophecy
    :TB Joshua Prophecy Nigeria, Attack Explosion and Death 2015:.
    Watch it and tell me if you were one of them what would you do.
    Remembering his prophecies have always come to pass.
    Would you risk your life to please the Kenyan woman in a red burka?
    She better talk about her president issue with ICC. She who kill with knife
    always afraid of knife.

  4. Bello r says:

    I am in in-shot of words for Naija leaders…

  5. chrix zani says:

    Shut d hell up and rule ya country Kenya……. even in d next century,
    Kenya can’t sight d back of Naija despite d political imbalance. Be
    informed that every nation has got her own 4kin shit! To take care of.

  6. Samen Brau says:

    my private jet is coming too.. i think she’s just jealous!!

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