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Justin Bieber Pretends He Bought A Private Jet

Justin Bieber: did he claim to have purchased a private jet to look cool?


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Justin Bieber Pretends He Bought A Private Jet


  1. Sarah Bandoma says:

    That is just despret 

  2. LaRey says:

    HES TRYNA LOOK CUTE FOR HAYLEY … i fucin hate this kid. plus that blonde
    docent suit him

  3. TheEpicEpicXX says:

    is he trying to be eminem with the hair and rap

  4. Will Law says:

    Let me say 3 words: AH HELL NO!!!!!

  5. Kimberly Vasquez says:

    Fucking haters these days ✌️

  6. Maka Albarn says:

    XDD He’s fakin he’s got shit..when he really ain’t got nuthin! Haha!
    Plz do not hate on me Beliebers…just making a statement.

  7. trixie hora says:

    If you are a teen or a young adult atleast you know when to exagerate so as
    to get many likes or attention. But flying in the jet counts as he owned it
    for the that time. 

  8. belieberuntildea says:

    who gives a fuck we all lie about shit that are not ours.

  9. Boom Chicka says:

    What a pathetic kid lol

  10. Hollywood Life says:

    Technically he never said he bought it, but def gave that impression. We
    mostly just wanted to figure it out, considering it costs $60 million. Not
    the best investment so we are kind of just relieved he was playing around. 

  11. anna harris says:

    I’m sorry but all I can focus on is your eyebrows…. Not on fleek hun. Not
    on fleek.

  12. Davis Jackson says:

    Look at her cheekbones are so ugly in very very very very very fat

  13. Ella Beth says:

    at least he can even afford to rent a jet lmao 

  14. Lizet Bieber says:

    STFU get a life…

  15. Fifth Harmony Lover says:

    It’s funny how you guys listened to TMZ, I mean if he has the money to do
    it why not do it, You guys suck at news.

  16. tan sok leng says:

    when i read the title i was like, LOL!

  17. Joana Hernandez says:

    He is fucking rich. He can buy as many expensive things he fucking wants.
    Stop tryna make him look bad. Seriously, Hollywood Life is a fucking lie.
    They always start drama damn.

  18. Sister Addicts says:

    Tbh it’s whatever what he buys with his money is his business , don’t see
    the big deal here 

  19. Sri Sehrmilla says:

    what a sucker

  20. Derek Prasad says:

    Sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are Grey 

  21. newmabreu96 says:

    why the fuck he takes selfies showing his forhead lines? doesnt he think
    its atractive? more like his butcrack in the face

  22. Slayer Becky says:

    He doesn’t own the jet but the yacht is definitely his and the Bugatti he
    was seen driving it and he’s probably not been driving it much because he
    doesn’t want to get in trouble in it and why are you guys slaves to TMZ
    Yall report anything TMZ says why can’t you use your sources 

  23. Del Hispaniola says:

    i salute him for not buying a jet. happy new year!

  24. Frida Saucedo says:

    How about you shut up and fix your eyebrows 

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