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Gulfstream GIV-X Private Jet Takeoff In Wet Conditions

Full HD footage of Gulfstream GIV-X (G450) executive jet (Registration : N851CB; Serial : 4132) departing from runway 24 at Shannon Airport, Ireland.

As you can see the runway surface was quite wet at the time and the engines threw up quite an impressive spray as she departed.

This aircraft was delivered on 5/11/2008 and is owned by Pleasant Aircraft Leasing Llc in Newbury, California, USA.

It is powered by two Rolls Royce TAY 611-8C turbofans.

This was filmed with a Samsung HMX-H200 camcorder. If you enjoyed this video please subscribe to my channel. Thank you.
Gulfstream GIV-X Private Jet Takeoff In Wet Conditions


  1. usairwayz says:

    @patmichl can a Gulfstream take off and land on a 5500 or 5,500 feet

  2. hakan737 says:

    @ep59215 thanks for clarify information.

  3. tomtalker2000 says:

    I’d love owning this beauty……!!!

  4. Alejandro Arnauld Dussan says:

    Uff ese efecto que hce en la turbina 0:07 ¡¡this effect that makes the
    turbine !! 0:07

  5. pencilpapereraser says:

    The most important part that needs to be mentioned is the short-field
    takeoff ability of this model. Having rented one and been a guest on one as
    well, I find it amazing the total number of airports that this jet can
    service, saving hours of being driven.

  6. kefaas1 says:

    What’s the range of her?

  7. Ben Gaut says:

    They’re called pulse lights. It is my understanding that on Gulfstreams,
    the pulse lights are the landing lights. The light on the nose gear is the
    taxi light. As far as controlling whether they flash or not, I’m not sure.
    I know on the Lears that have them, you can choose either pulse or solid
    lights by selecting a different switch position. There is no regulation
    that requires them. They are just so other planes can see you better.

  8. hakan737 says:

    thanks for your reply and information.

  9. LIX 59 says:

    The Flash sequence is for scattering birds.

  10. Matthew hogan says:

    is that an intl airport?

  11. Miriam von Halsberg says:

    cool Jet 🙂

  12. natebot321 says:

    Such a beautiful aircraft.

  13. matthiashaenni says:


  14. IrishPlaneSpotter says:

    I don’t know I’m from Cork. We always have great weather here though 😉

  15. IrishPlaneSpotter says:

    Thank you very much for your comment. Glad you enjoyed my videos.

  16. Nakale Ayovunefe says:

    Me too!

  17. IrishPlaneSpotter says:

    No, pretty much the same.

  18. TheYawun says:

    Learning English will help your chances…..

  19. aoifeone says:

    Was that like Padhraic Harringtons

  20. IrishPlaneSpotter says:

    No it wasn’t Harrington’s . Details about its owners in the description.

  21. Chris Meredith says:

    beautiful plane

  22. Linco Morgado says:

    Beautiful take off 

  23. Coderoid says:

    What a bird!

  24. astro guy says:

    Nice video, clear and sharp, good sound,

  25. astro guy says:

    Nice looking airplane, it will look much better if you remove them winglets
    from the wing tips…

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