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First flight in the world of a privately owned MiG-29!!!

First flight in the world of a privately owned MiG-29!!!


  1. Evil Merlin says:

    Notice the crappy russian flight helmet and oxygen mask replaced by
    American goods… 

  2. Lexke81 says:

    Американские летчики тренироваться, чтобы бороться против русских, но если
    они на пенсии они летят в свободное время в Mig!
    “Они” (США в отставке пилоты) знают, что МиГ является лучшим!

    American pilots train hard to fight against the Russians, but if they are
    retired they go flying in their free time in a Mig!
    “They” (retired U.S. pilots) know that the MiG is the best!!

  3. Aidan Sherlock says:

    I can’t believe the rear seat was empty!

  4. Nikolay Djendov says:

    The Mig-29 is the finest craft for combat ever to be built
    well if we dont count the Mig-21 whitch is my favorate
    Mig-21 vs F-22 rapator
    😀 the raptor dosent stande a chance :D

  5. Pete Coggan says:

    Hey, All, please be polite to each other. We all love these airplanes and
    never intended this little video to be a catalyst for a pissing match over
    hypothetical situations from people who spend their weekends playing with
    flight simulator or X Plane. The gentlemen who fly these aircraft have an
    awful lot of respect for their counterparts, please show the same

  6. Lexke81 says:

    I like the Mig 29 very much! Beautiful aircraft!! THNX for sharing this vid

  7. john smith says:

    the music killed it for me

  8. Barry Sabahat says:

    how do they maintain this? parts and technicians etc.?

  9. Flyn Bryan says:

    Nice looking airplane. We need to buy more of these for the airshow

  10. The Great Whitey says:

    All I’ve got is DCS :'( 

  11. ernk75 says:

    What’s the flying distance on a full tank

  12. sidefx996 says:

    Unfreakin real! Hell lots of people have money at least these guys do
    something cool with it. Congrats guys.

  13. rightsteering says:

    And who is owner?

  14. Court appointed theatrical agent says:

    These are the kind of toys you can buy if you’re an heir to the Hallmark

  15. Donald Rumerfueld says:

    i want a ride. im serious. i dont want to fly all the way to fucking
    novgorod for a ride. i have the 20k i just dont want to go half way across
    the world for a 1 hour ride

  16. Vinarco Kie says:

    o_O operating and maintenance costs?

  17. amgsl556573 says:

    That’s our plane. Hands off from him stupid amers, this thing is not for
    second class people.

  18. Floris Heinen says:

    It’s been sold for around $6 million 

  19. giovannino settebellezze says:

    Great aicraft! It is years ahead of its contemporary competitors in
    aerodynamics. More about this specific airplane, pls.

  20. Charles Frey says:

    what banks you rob to afford that plus maintenance and parts? dont reply.

  21. Bertie Olivier says:


  22. Teomo Shepard says:

    Let me tell you something else. Those guys around the pilot at 1:20 they
    are Hungarians.

  23. Kerem Gercek says:

    How Much money does it cost to buy a mig-29

  24. William Love says:

    Hi, do you give flying lessons?

  25. Sam lam says:

    How is this possible? Privately owning an advance fighter jet?

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