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Deejay Bola – Private Jet [Good Quality]

Deejay Bola – Private Jet
Deejay Bola – Private Jet [Good Quality]


  1. XDXDXDXDXD0 says:

    Great audio, thanks for this!

  2. belu191184 says:

    yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh minutes 0:53 yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

  3. belu191184 says:

    ja puse el volumen asta el 62 se escuchava re fuerte

  4. 99lasa says:


  5. emilomix says:

    reza kurwo!

  6. KooziolPL says:

    chujowa jakosc jebany lapsie

  7. Timothy Clee says:

    awesome song!!

  8. Brigitta Dócs says:


  9. PainApopphis says:

    Good quality … ? Really? where is HD?

  10. Jukka Liukko says:

    It is CD-quality audio.. That is GOOD

  11. YagielJumper says:

    Jebnij się w łeb ! -,- naucz się że video nie musi być HQ żeby audio było w
    320 kbps …

  12. bombardierislv says:

    Finally , no 240 … that’s too abusive . Youtube should ban 240’s 😀 

  13. sebbokalevi1 says:


  14. Damian Fratczak says:

    I can’t believe of ammount of views and coments beyond this song . Why shit
    like rihanna ,lady gaga are more popular then this proper fuckin messed up
    song . Never understand that . Anyway great song LOOOOVE ITTT !

  15. screamingdcon says:

    saturn image? saturn worship?

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