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Check out the worlds most expensive private jet $500 MILLION

Ever wondered what the most expensive, fastest private jets in the world looked like? wonder no more

With the Private Jet Concierge we are bringing you monthly access to the newest, fastest, biggest and most luxurious private planes in the world.

Okay so we’ll bring you different types of SUPER BIG JETS every now and then, today we will look at the most expensive and fastest private jet in the world.

Lets start with cost, so this million (YES M) is owned by an Indian Billionaire, Gautam Singhania who is the chairman of Raymond Corp. It might look simple compared to some of the amazing jets we will show you, however this mega private jet is a Bombardier Challenger 600 series, okay so whats great about this model? Powered by two Honeywell 502 high bypass turbofan engines each capable of 7,500-lb. thrust (33.4-kN) at takeoff …. mean nothing? us either, whats the speed??? Okay so a Bombardier Challenger 600 can reach speeds up to 528 mph, and can fly up to 41,000 not to bad for this little baby!


Okay so you thought Million was expensive, well we had you fooled…… Check out this 0 MILLION private jet, yes we smiled too 0 MILLION!!! Owned by Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal this super, super size private jet is the most expensive jet EVER to be created even to this day. It is said to have a garage which fits 2 Rolls Royces, a stable for horses and well penguins if he wishes, a pen for hawks, a prayer room that rotates, no, no it doesn’t end there this plane has a concert hall with a grand piano, a steam room with a spa, a “wellbeing room” — completed with plasma flat screens, 5 master bedrooms each with showers and private bathrooms, 20 smaller private rooms, a full boardroom …. well what else does one need on a private jet?
Check out the worlds most expensive private jet 0 MILLION

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