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WWE – DX On Mr. McMahon’s Private Jet (Funny) (HD)

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WWE – DX On Mr. McMahon’s Private Jet (Funny) (HD)


  1. Bill Bushey says:

    1:35 – THIS is why I miss DX. lol

    HHH – “This thing turns into a bed.”

    HBK – “How do YOU know?”

    HHH – “Me and the chick went…. never mind.”

  2. Alberto zavala says:

    today you will be flying Dx airlines

  3. Westheimer King says:


  4. Kevin Eng says:

    The good ol days when wwe was actually good 

  5. Brendan Tep says:

    you said this was HD

  6. Tyler Cunningham says:

    I miss shawn nickels why him why

  7. Rose Castro says:

    Lol Hahaha this is why I miss the DX.

  8. Antonio Griego says:

    I dont care that hhh sucks he would still be better if he reunited dx

  9. shu camui says:

    HD –> .l.*ò*ó*.l.

  10. John Moudy says:

    Good stuff

  11. Jhonny Velepucha says:


  12. Jhonny Velepucha says:

    hhh is come jajajaj

  13. Paden Roberts says:


  14. flying cruz says:

    I thought they were flying

  15. KING TUBE says:

    Hbk at the back of the plane

  16. Arsen Babayan says:

    Too much protein lmao!!

  17. wwfwrestlingfan4ever says:

    Poor Angela…

  18. Ricky Bobby says:

    this shit is pitiful, including the fans that watch, how did I land here.
    back to having a life.

  19. juan duarte says:

    1:35 jaj

  20. Bailey Gep says:

    800th sub

  21. Rick Fountain says:

    Looks like a GULFSTREAM JET…30 million bucks!!!

  22. Ilma Hussain says:

    HHH – “this thing turns into a bed!”
    HBK -“how do you know?!”
    HHH -“well me and angela…never mind…. *:)”

  23. abraham guerra says:


  24. Hristo Rodrigo says:

    when full episodes 2003 – 2007???

  25. zamankabeershirazi says:

    Whts the name of the girl?? In the vid??

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