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VIP A380 cabin “flying palace”

The biggest business jet an Airbus A380 will be delivered to Saudian Prince in 2015 by Airbus @Airbus
VIP A380 cabin “flying palace”


  1. Devine says:

    People this greedy need to be ripped apart by crowds of the starving.

  2. SuperBooboohaha says:

    I am not jealous but the money you spend for one journey in
    this palace is more than enough to fill thousand stomachs of
    starving kids.

  3. frogstamper says:

    For one man to own an aircraft like this for his personal use is absolutely
    obscene and unjustifiable. 

  4. marioandpeefan09 says:

    Why is everyone so mad in the comments?

  5. Robert Chutney says:

    And what is interesting: The downing of the flight MH 17 came just in
    “time” for the convenience for IDF ( israel defence force) to start the on
    going genocide of Palestiinen people! And whole hypocrytical so called
    Western world is quiet! Make me, and not only me womit! I am from Czech
    republic, and I am not alone in my protest against this genocide!

  6. Donovan Moore says:

    I just placed my order. Can’t wait to take my friends up for a flight.

  7. Christopher Smith says:

    That is not a Airplane, its a Building………………..LOL……..

  8. Nick Sandman says:

    if i were rich id buy a demilitarized F-15 or F-16…for shits and giggles

  9. Babba cigdem says:

    fk you fk oyu fk you // world fk
    end not hpyyyy way

  10. Tina2tu says:

    Hmmm impressive!!! 

  11. sammy says:

    makes my business class flights look shit….makes my economy flghts look
    even worse lol 

  12. Lomeinchops says:

    Sorry, I dropped my lit match in there.

  13. billy payne says:

    Hey, no tennis court ?….no swimming pool ?…no bowling alley ?……no
    hospital ?? This plane sucks, I’ll take the bus !!

  14. juki0h says:

    u can just tell by the person who ever owns this is arrogant as hell

  15. Omar Coleman says:

    That small airplane has that much stuff but that place is nice i have to

  16. Copainization says:

    Nice cartoon. Got any real footage?

  17. Eugenia Dominguez says:

    VIP A380 cabin “flying palace”:

  18. kfatzfatzy says:

    So much money so little taste…who chose those horrible sofa and chairs
    colors ?

  19. Alex Bieryla says:

    Me: suck it losers I got a Cessna that I fly
    My boss: suck it losers I got a Learjet
    Trump: suck it losers I got a 757
    Obama: suck it losers I got a 747
    This guy: you all suck it I got a muthafuckin A380

  20. Raisa Kuvshinnikova says:

    Молодец)))) на встречу с вами я прилечу на собственном самолёте куда ты
    желаешь сама,а тебе любимая отправлю деньги арендуете самолёт с приятными
    девушками и шикарно отдохнём дней 15 на роскошной вилле….

  21. unclesamtookmymoney says:

    Corrupt terrorist sponsoring rag head bastards.

  22. Jack Stanley says:

    Almost every room looked the same…pretty boring…Where is a reading room
    ? Piano? art? It seems to be decorated like 2nd rate hotel.

  23. samuel dos santos says:


  24. Oliver Kroll says:

    Holy crap I own a gulfstream g650 I would never be label to afford that!
    Ps. Who the hell did the decorating, from a designers perspective it is

  25. Riswan Ahmad P says:

    because first class are for wussies right?

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