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Should A Man Of God Own A Private Jet? Nigerians speak.

iROKtv hit the streets of Lagos to gather the opinions of average Nigerians – if it is right for a man of God to own a private jet. Check out some of the really interesting responses we got. Join the discussion. Happy viewing!
Should A Man Of God Own A Private Jet? Nigerians speak.


  1. checkdafresh says:

    Is this Ojota?

  2. John Bull says:

    If Word of Life Bible Church uses the private Jet to revolutionise their
    local and wider community economically, send church members on missionary,
    offer free flights to church members, train church members to become
    pilots, import much needed industry, technology and infrastructure into
    their local and wider community, then a private jet is too small. Word of
    Life Bible Church should actually seek to acquire a Hercules C130 plane and
    may I be the one to bless them with it in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  3. Brendan Okechukwu says:

    There wasn’t bicycle at that time,there was donkeys,and Jesus rode on one
    that has never been used.(a brand new Jeep).

  4. targethotels says:

    Please these are not real men of god, they are just core bussinessmen,they
    steal in the name of god, so if anybody in Nigeria call himself a man of
    god !! then he must be a criminal, so people don;t let yourself be use by
    this “‘ so called men of god.
    Jesus our lord has no car, no jet, no estate, he cares for the needy, heals
    the sick without payment, and he even died for us to leave. infact its a
    shame that people of Nigeria still believe in the so called men of god.

  5. Eagle Comm says:

    Any man who feels its wrong for a man of God to have a private jet deserves
    pity and urgent deliverance. The Bible tells us Jesus was poor so we could
    be RICH. The fact that Jesus went about on foot preaching does not mean
    that we should ignore cars and other means of transportation whenever Gods
    work is concerned. If God has called a man, and his calling is sure… what
    will happen if he needs to travel urgently to meet the spiritual needs of
    people in other parts of the world? He should cue up in line with others at
    the airports and wait for regular flights while the people that need him at
    those places continue to languish? If God has provided him with a private
    jet, then he is blessed. And for me, that goes to prove that his calling is
    sure and his ministry trully INTERNATIONAL…

  6. Amanda Peter says:

    I miss Nigeria abeg. I couldn’t help laughing at some things said

  7. kingslove666 says:

    nigerian pastors are all fraud…… 

  8. Magnum Amaechi says:

    The people that are saying it’s ok for a pastor to have a private jet are
    lost. They don’t read the bible and if you ask me it’s a big no!!!!!!! For
    a so called pastor to have a private jet. Because it’s clearly obvious that
    there using the church offerings to pay for the jet. And even if there not
    why should you live the celebrity life. When as a man of god you should be
    giving to the poor remember jesus said money is the root of all evil.

  9. adetunji adebowale says:

    Some people are so deluded. 

  10. darky hass says:

    I think this is absolute none sense. Personally, pastors are committing
    unforgivable sins, we are being oppressed by religion. Mainly nigerians and
    other Africans are being brainwashed. Do you understand the scale of
    poverty in nigeria, people are giving what they don’t have to worship
    “god”, or should I say the “man of god”. 

  11. MrThundermouth says:

    Envy is also a sin. I say god bless his private jet and the beutiful
    interior and the shower and massage spa area where u can retreat amd enjoy
    yourself when your wife watches Tv and hope those pastors can also enjoy
    the blessings of handle life and strives under hardship one day.

  12. MrThundermouth says:

    I dont know what it os a bout toilets but I always wanted to have on my personal plane

  13. reaper4432 says:

    If it’s from the money that people in abject poverty and destitute donate
    week in and week out, then absolutely not. This is ridiculous. 

  14. Wale Majek says:

    The purpose of a pastor is to minister to the people not to seclude himself
    on a private jet. As a Pastor you are a servant to the people to encourage
    and to build them up. A private jet is an extravagant lifestyle for a man
    of God, leave that luxury for business men. So called “Men of God” are
    straying from the Father, because of greed and financial gain. They have
    become worldly and a servant to money. Pls. flee from such pastors, they
    are full of deceit

  15. martins darlinton says:

    Africans, blacks wake, feel sorry for some comments here, educate ur self
    and see clearly, say no to mental slavery, 

  16. martins darlinton says:

    Hey do little research with ur beautiful younger or bigger sister in the
    church, cos they know whats going on in the church, how this so called
    pastor my ass ran after them, those charming ladies knows those men , watch
    closely and u will observe something, why is it that there are lots of
    churches in nigeria and things keep geting worst, rich get richer and poor
    …,,,,,., what programme has this men set for the poor members to start
    feeding good? Nothing instead he wears suit and shoes of 200, 000 naira,
    with expensive wrist watch, private jet, private schools mainly for the
    rich, having estate he lives with family what up 200 million naira, with up
    to 20 rooms in it, him, wife and may be 2 kids, common there are ppl out
    there in the street, there are ppl out there who starves, man of god is
    suppose to be caring, if he gives some of this empty rooms to the poor, I
    think we gonna be alright, if he set up some programmes to eliminate
    poverty, I think we have a paradise, he prays for daily for changes, while
    he himself can do something about that, wake up

  17. martins darlinton says:

    The pooriest continent that has everything, that cries of hardship and bad
    government and at the same time support same evil men once they got little
    bribe from them, same applies to church, people who cant manage themselves,
    full of envy and greed, say no to rituals and sacrifice they did on u the
    church members in church, those pastors are same like dirty african
    politicians that steals all from masses without giving some like europeans,
    every government steals but diplomatically, and they gives masses to shut
    up, but african leaders takes all, they better go suck their mama pussy,
    dirty bastards that goes for treatment abroad while they can put all
    structures at their doorsteps, shame.

  18. El Principe says:

    Private jelt!

  19. Theres No God says:

    Fucking idiots. If they stopped believing in invisible godfairies in the
    sky, and started redistributing the wealth, they would be better off.
    Nigeria should be a wealthy country for all, but corruption rules in

  20. Janet ojuricoke says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing here with comments made by some people, a very
    good topic ,thanks for uploading

  21. Gee Moni says:

    see the poor ppl saying its okay smh

  22. Werstaeten Wugs says:


  23. Babatunde Odebiyi says:

    Well, its not their fault and I don’t blame them. I blame the stupid ones
    who give them their hard earned cash.

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