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Private Jet Landing Las Vegas Cockpit View

Private Jet Landing Las Vegas Cockpit View


  1. bombaytaxidriver says:

    …. noisy self loading cargo in the background! 🙂

  2. Stewart Baker says:

    Nice footage

  3. AdamW582 says:

    Looks like the RNAV into 19R

  4. Kyle Jones says:

    Lol @ self loading cargo comment. Love the reverse thrust on landing. Miss
    these noises… 🙁

  5. Nani Handoyo says:

    smooth landing capt. !!

  6. Redsfancoop1 says:

    Can I have one?

  7. exceljet says:

    If you owned six private jets you wouldn’t be posting in this video my

  8. nick Desjardins says:

    Great landing and video!

  9. CaptJordan737 says:


  10. Sunil Sharma says:

    Hey my dad has 9million jet

  11. Rico Suave says:

    Hey your Dad works for my Dad.

  12. TECHNOSTUDENT308 says:

    That would be cool if you tied in the ATC

  13. Johnny Rei Singer says:

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  14. Brisdad53 says:

    That’s like saying ‘my dad drives a Chevy’.

  15. Cristhian Trujillo says:

    hey friend, do not know if it’s yours, but I’m looking for a video like
    this. I’ve seen and I’ve looked but can not find it. The difference with
    this is that the landing is in the san francisco international airport.
    Once on land, on the slopes of taxiing, the aircraft is driven to the
    parking lot by a car from the airport. If you know what it is, I appreciate
    the information. As additional data, listening to the conversation of the
    pilots in Spanish. Thank you.

  16. getgopi1 says:

    The engine spooling down midway in the video…sounds so lovely. Mmm.

  17. Maaha Rizo says:

    Narcos in that plane…

  18. autr727 says:

    mexican narcos

  19. exceljet says:

    So to you just because someone speeks spanish and has a Jet it means that
    they are Narcos, funny that would be just like saying that all americans
    are drug adicts since must of the demand for the drugs comes from America
    well we know they are not. There is lots of large companies in Mexico that
    own private Jets and are not in the drug buisiness you shuldnt make
    acusations like that if you dont know this people.

  20. Maaha Rizo says:

    Why are you getting all butt hurt about it? If anything it was just a
    little joke! Chill..

  21. Nathan Mauline says:

    is it a cessna citation exel jet ?

  22. Todd Anderson says:

    very cool video…. would love to experience the landing in the flight deck
    in Vegas… thanks for the video

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