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Private Jet Crashes in the Bahamas

A prominent pastor and eight others die in the crash.
Private Jet Crashes in the Bahamas


  1. Ebony Robinson says:

    Omg! Thats how the late singer Aaliyah died. On top of that, nine including
    her died as well. Soo weird and strange o__o

  2. Mary Benton says:

    My prayers goes out to this family

  3. Douglas N says:

    Wow. My prayers go out to their family and congregation

    Private Jet Crashes in the Bahamas:

  4. Singularity2039 says:

    So that’s where all that money goes that they collect in that plate they
    pass around every Sunday morning.
    I’m glad this selfish liar is dead… got what was coming to him.

  5. Meko Curry says:

    R.I.P Dr Myles Munroe

  6. 0101Matrix0101 says:

    Good, if only all the charlatans and con artist preachers who became rich
    by deceiving people died like this basard then the world would be a better

  7. rockhardagain says:

    God’s plan upsetting those who preach it so vigorously. Hypocritical, but
    not surprising.

  8. Vic Flange says:

    Dr. Myles Munroe was a pastor in name only. If he was the genuine article
    then God would have saved him. Clearly he, and the passengers, were
    sinners. Thankfully the “pastor” and his wife perished in the crash and can
    deceive no more. Amen.

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