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Octopussy Movie CLIP – Missile (1983) HD

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Bond 50 is a Blu-ray box set featuring all 22 James Bond films in honor of the 50th anniversary of the series, to be released on September 24, 2012.

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Director: John Glen
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Film Description: The murder of Agent 009 and a forgery of a Fabergé egg lead Bond to India, where he allies with cult leader Octopussy against Kamal Khan, a playboy Afghan prince, who with Russian General Orlov is plotting to “accidentally” detonate a nuclear device on a US air base in West Germany, hoping NATO will disarm and the Soviets can take over Europe in record time.

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Octopussy Movie CLIP – Missile (1983) HD


  1. Zveir says:

    Came for the title.

  2. Sohail Ghazi says:


  3. Nwoke Ideato says:

    Roger Moore and his One Liners! classic !

  4. Rhyno186 says:

    Fill ‘er up, please! *wink

  5. akittypie says:

    oh yes octopussy missile 1983!!!! cool film. love james bond

  6. Masum Anwar says:

    thats best part of james bond movies

  7. Even B. Collins Productions says:

    That guy with the overalls kind of looks like Christopher Lee! If he was in
    this movie he would have been credited! But unfortunately it’s not him,
    it’s some other guy!

  8. trwent says:

    Just LOVE those jet planes that can fly for all of TWO MINUTES on a tank of
    fuel !!!

  9. Yaser Hazara says:

    If anyone is interested in MGSV this movie has something to do with the
    game in some way in octopussy james is wearing a seiko watch and snake is
    also wear the exact same watch some yea….. just sayn

  10. Brenda Scott says:

    I can remember the summer of 1983 as a teen taking our packed lunches
    around a friends house and this clip was on in the kitchen.We were hooked.
    Its still as impressive as it was 30 years ago.

  11. Tosio Hosina says:

    comic !

  12. Camoflatulence says:

    Like the horse butt disguise

  13. mazhar rehman says:

    Today that scene would be all cgi and rubbish. The difference here your
    heart misses a beat when he comes through those doors. Fantastic. 

  14. mazhar rehman says:

    Today that scene would be all cgi and rubbish. The difference here your
    heart misses a beat when he comes through those doors. Fantastic. 

  15. Brokenlikefour says:

    Fill her up, please ;)

  16. LER iz mor says:

    thumps up ted braught you here.

  17. Edward Pearce says:

    Pure Bond magic.

  18. eviltreemonster says:

    Brilliant! :)

  19. drchen054 says:

    Are those f#$king bozo’s crazy. Closing the hanger door on the plane would
    mean certain death for everyone nearby. 

  20. Gabriel Tinivella says:

    Awesome !

  21. alex ojideagu says:

    0:41 Russians Aiming for an Airliner

  22. qco6281 says:

    I didn’t know those old-time gas stations had jet fuel. lol

  23. Dan Williams says:

    How gay is this stupid hollywood bullshit, james bond hauling the narcotics
    intersate for the reptili
    an queen, well duh!

  24. chang lili says:


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