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Minecraft: Private Jet – Boeing 767

This is a video showing my boeing 767 private jet.
Download :

Music: Kevin MacLeod –
intro – Latin Industries
4x speed – pinball spring 160
text screen – Electrodoodle

Thanks for watching!
Minecraft: Private Jet – Boeing 767


  1. GeneralPotatohead says:
  2. machiavelli1980 says:

    Just to let you know, you have it titled as a Boeing 767 but looking at the
    wingtips you have it like a a320. Either you titled it wrong or put wrong
    wingtips on it. Pretty nice otherwise

  3. Asiana Gold Member says:

    the outside looks like a B767, BUT the size is tiny

  4. Sir KB says:

    The clicking ahhhhhhh

  5. Derek Wang says:

    Go home no one likes u

  6. Matt Pt says:

    You did great! Also, I would work on the wingtips a little bit. Other than
    that, great job, GeneralPotatoHead! Keep up the good work!

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