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Minecraft How to Build: Private Jet

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Minecraft How to Build: Private Jet


  1. Fishprotector says:

    Sorry for taking this video down (copyright issues), hope you enjoy :)

  2. Lateasha Ward says:

    I hate you going to fast

  3. TheTimmypants says:

    how many blocks long should i go?

  4. Harry Girling says:

    Nice build helped boost the planes in my airport

  5. Angel Munoz says:

    Remember how it didnt work for me i fixed it thx

  6. FireDiamond says:


  7. Trex Scuttlemaker says:

    I think you should have slowed down a bit.

  8. Szilvia Nagy says:

    Omg thank u I’m building an airport thanks helped a lot

  9. RantZ_IE says:

    Hey man t seems your pretty laggy! Whenever you do this do a timelapse it
    will shorten the video down a bit but it will take away the lag and more
    will watch!

  10. Spintown7 says:

    Nice video, I’m going to use this to make my own jet.

  11. AlaskanHuskies says:

    Nice I am a good air builder too, I have vids on that type of stuff and
    this is really nice good work

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