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Honda Jet N420xx (HD)

Honda Jet N420xx
Honda Jet N420xx (HD)


  1. Bruce Wayne says:

    Buy it, paint it in black and ready to go :)

  2. CBJAMPA says:

    How fast will it fly?

  3. Tom Pax says:

    FFS Honda, pay this Japanigno guy some English instructions. Didn’t
    understand a freaking word of his mumbling.

  4. Casey Duty says:

    Another reason why Honda is one of best corporations in the world.

  5. AirGunWarriors says:

    JasonQ69, how long did it take Cessna to get their first Private Jet from
    paper to Customer?

  6. Greg Quillen says:

    Wish turbo prop. Would be cheaper. This probably $1.5 million

  7. tamaji kent says:

    I want ,How much

  8. WAAHIID A KHAN says:

    well here in Sshaawn aviation we believe anything is possable in aviation
    industry i welcome Honda jet and my best wishes Honda team may god bless
    us all cheers

  9. BWFSabian says:

    Pity that GE were, as usual, crap at engine design with 4 years added due
    to engines that self-destruct in the cold.. 

  10. FoxtrottKilo NinerTwo says:

    So he got this incredible Idea of putting the engines on top of the wings?
    He never heard of the VFW 614? Looks like a nice little plane though…

  11. PeterNGloor says:

    Not the first jet plane with engines on top of wings.

  12. THINCOVER says:

    It kept annoying me that the commentator was saying aluminium wrong every
    time he said it -_-

  13. manny reyes says:

    Vtec kick in @ 40,000 ft! JK. Honda Power Of Dreams.

  14. Michael Muhia says:

    Shout out to the engineer who designed and brought this beautiful piece of
    engeeniring to life. That’s dreaming big and acomplishing that dream in
    style. My dream is to own one and I’m already on my way. Shout out
    for not being single minded. 

  15. AmterS4eEVA says:

    Honda, cars motorbikes and jets. WOW I love Honda

  16. M. Baharia says:

    how much does this badboy cost ? 

  17. xgeneric99 says:

    The engine over wing is to eliminate the heavy rear bulkhead to make the
    cabin larger and the airframe lighter. Also did anyone notice it doesn’t
    have a toilet? 1200nm and can’t pee?

  18. Duncan Phillips says:

    Just like Dr. Sagan didn’t have paper so he used the wall! haha

  19. Honda Polmozbyt - Autoryzowany Dealer i Serwis marki Honda says:

    Zapraszamy do obejrzenia relacji wideo nt. odrzutowca HondaJet, dowiedz się
    więcej jak wygląda pierwszy odrzutowiec Hondy.
    #HondaSzczecin #PolmozbytSzczecin

  20. Mike Mchale says:

    The foot space is too narrow… the seat should be made to slide to the
    side ,or flatten the floor angle …men need to spread their legs , for
    comfort…back to the drawing board…

  21. Abdul Rahman Ganim says:

    yes, aluminum thing is right.
    and the jet is awesome.

  22. Tatsuya TAG says:


  23. llewellyn lewis says:

    Honda Jet N420xx (HD):

  24. Efrain Ortiz says:

    Cool !!!!

  25. Saurabh Singh says:

    I DREAM I could ever own one !! Why don’t they try to make numerous of them
    ,,, and subsequently production costs go down ??

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