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Eclipse 400 – a 1,35 million $$$ personal jet

Kinda sporty, right?
Eclipse 400 – a 1,35 million $$$ personal jet


  1. Mike Brosch says:

    So it’s a good idea to put the CEO of a Billion Dollar Company in a jet
    with one engine? Don’t think so. 

  2. eclipser2004 says:

    So the Eclipse 400 went bankrupt so is this Eclipse now the Cirrus Vision?
    They look very similar.

  3. Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis says:

    does this comes with an ejection seat?

  4. edwinstar100 says:

    Beautiful jet, except for the engine pod LOL and of course that tiny little
    carbon foot print thing! In my experience, people who would aspire to
    these sorts of toys are probably sociopaths, and make lousy friends, they
    do make great CEO’s.

  5. Peachy Orchards says:

    It needs a trailer attachment if you are an opera singer

  6. ReeceShots says:

    This is in gta 

  7. serutcip3 says:

    why would you buy this when you can go out and buy a citation 500 for way
    less and get 3 times the airplane?

  8. milwaukeegregg says:

    Think its ugly!!Just my opinion!!!

  9. ImTheMan725 says:

    dear Santa….

  10. Paul Disher says:

    Produce a model of it i will

  11. bruno stabile says:

    ECLIPSE 400 

  12. César Paixão says:

    beautiful plane but a 70 year old concept, check in google a plane from the
    40´s called he 162

  13. Giovani Granemann says:

    não é muito pra mim é só preço!

  14. Vance Gosselin says:

    Very cute little jet 🙂 I’m sure the wealthy will get jet envy

  15. bill bailey says:

    I was an Avionics tech at Baysys.. We built this little baby in less than 8
    months.. from concept to actual flight.. worked 12 hour days 6 or 7 days a
    week to deliver.. test flight was optimal! Those were some great times..
    Really wish Eclipse could have made it work.

  16. Ralph Latham says:

    Way over priced.

  17. Björn Mundt says:

    Nice plane, but it would be better to use metric system to describe data s
    (km, kg etc)

  18. Bob Kiama Mutitu says:

    kinda looks like kermit on the front.

  19. xgeneric99 says:

    Very Light Jets it seems, have been only 5 more years until production for
    about the last 40 years.

  20. elhackn1 says:

    look’s like luftwaffe’s he-162 

  21. bob Last says:

    I worked on this when it just a dream. The guy who started it was a real
    prick. He is probably the main reason it failed.

  22. 2727taterbug says:

    Awesome looking jet! Kinda has the look of a glider.

  23. The Angry General says:

    Thats not a 1,35 million dollar jet tis to small and cheap looking. Its not
    even a twin engine at least!

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