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Celebrity Chef Bilal Jamal Eddine Private Jets Business

Celebrity Chef Bilal Jamal Eddine , All Business Private Jets19 years working across the world as a fine dining chef and business Partner. I have launched restaurants, bars, worked on private Jet in NIgeria Lagos , and Director & Executive Chef company which the contract as the main events caterer for the world wide in business jet in lagos
My constant belief in an idea have created a globally unique system of cooking, packaging and delivering high end food on board an aircraft. The next stage is to role this out around the globe
Chef plays a vital role in preparing variety delicious dishes, soups, salads, snacks, side dishes, and deserts with quality and health embedded in dishes at hotels, restaurants and food service organizations. There are various roles and responsibilities assigned to food service staffs. Among this chefs and cooks take the responsibility of making variety dishes assisted by workers to cut vegetables, fruits and to keep the environment clean. Chefs also take the responsibility of maintaining inventory and there by takes the task of ordering food materials and equipments needed for cooking namely pans, cutlery, ovens, broilers, and grinders. Head chefs take the task of controlling and monitoring the chefs and workers in food department to maintain quality and discipline in food preparation. Whatever may be the roles and responsibilities the primary aim of chef is to prepare and present dish which are appealing and also nutritious for customers. A good chef must possess attributes namely good sense of taste and smell for food, creative to bring out new dishes, efficient management skills to keep work organized, and good communication skills.,,A highly talented Chef with huge experience in overseeing food production for all food outlets and banquet functions; developing menus, food purchase specifications, and recipes; directly supervising all production while maintaining highest professional food quality and sanitation standards
Celebrity Chef Bilal Jamal Eddine Private Jets Business


  1. Bilal Jamal Eddine says:
  2. Bilal Jamal Eddine says:

    Chef Bilal Jamal Eddine , All Business Private Jets Business

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  4. Bilal Jamal Eddine says:

    business jet very hard and very professional well you have to be there 24
    hours if not sorry forget it about it

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    Bilal Jamal Eddine CEO and Co-Founder &
    As & CEO Bilal Jamal Eddine is responsible for &
    day-to-day-operations, as well as leading the company’s product
    development and technology strategy business Online World Wide and huge
    futures. He co-founded & with best social network
    ever seen in 2013 while pursuing and was the first CEO until Today -growing
    the company to more than 50 employees and profitability. From 2013,
    Bilal Jamal Eddine
    Was Executive Chef For 19 Years OF Business Restaurant and hotels
    products .all around the world

    bilal jamal eddine holds hotel management lebanon founder and CEO bilal jamal eddine has teamed up with other
    tech giants to pursue the goal of providing best social network all around
    the world, people in the developing world.
    says data can be used more efficiently and participating partners can work
    cooperatively to make access to the web affordable in emerging economies.
    bilal jamal eddine the case on his & page for how a
    global Internet infrastructure can be created. But the document doesn’t
    have tangible commitments from & or other
    participating companies.´╗┐

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