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Mariah Carey’s Private Jet

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Mariah Carey’s Private Jet


  1. Xxdianax says:

    LOL well im juss asking >3>

  2. l1lcl0v3rgrl says:

    lol me too xD

  3. NorthInkProductions says:

    she was in Dublin,Ireland.

  4. JaninSweet1 says:

    i luv her personality, shes so open and emancipated

  5. chantoya17 says:

    mariah is silly and such a diva. i luv her “british accent” lol and why
    does her jet look as big as a commercial airplane? lol

  6. natlongrox says:

    her personality is adorable!

  7. mcluva420 says:

    @peteryogi no, she’s christian

  8. 2204Alpha says:

    haha she doesnt even own a plane, her record label just leases one.

  9. eastcoastthriller says:

    @peteryogi LOL she is not Jewish….she is like the biggest Christmas Diva!!

  10. witch26071 says:

    @2204Alpha Actually she does own a plane idiot! this was like 12 years ago!

  11. alfy80mc says:


  12. 4crevis says:

    Gotta go before i place some critical comment!!!

  13. Litalici0us says:

    @peteryogi –‘ She sang songs as I wish you well and you say that she is
    jewish ? Whatever…

  14. sirArchitect says:

    That is so Chartered

  15. James Crawford says:

    This is not a Boeing Aircraft…. It is an Airbus A319CJ from the charter
    company TwinJet. G-OMAK if anyone is interested.

  16. Jay Smith says:

    Very funny. She paid the airline to pose for her 🙂

  17. miles aiden says:

    Probably sounds corny to say this, but some of my best Christmas memories
    involve her singing “All I want for Christmas Is You”. I remember hearing
    it on a dance floor, at a great Christmas party with friends, while ice
    skating in NYC, and while I was looking into the eyes of a girl I loved.
    Thanks Mariah.

  18. Jack Francis says:

    since when could she afford a pirvate A319CJ???? you can tell it’s a A319CJ
    because of the doors at the start and the cockpit

  19. smitty195 says:

    That looked like maybe it was a private 757. Nice!

  20. Learjetjock says:

    It’s not her jet, its an Airbus ACJ, it is owned by a private US charter
    company. She doesnt own any airplanes. She used to charter a Gulfstream
    (significantly smaller than the jet in this video) from a company I flew
    with. She went to Brazil with us in 2009. Shes a cheap skate.

  21. mariah4ever says:

    @Learjetjock she just making a joke when she want she can buy prv jet her
    net worth more than 500 millon dear

  22. amit agmon says:

    1:49 LOOOL!!!

  23. Telson Serejo says:

    LMFAO! She was playing with the guys… even if she doesn’t have that
    specific plane it’s because she doesn’t WANT IT! Come’on… she’s so rich
    that she can buy one whenever she feels like having one! ADORE HER!

  24. Chris Coro says:

    She’s sick here but she is totally funny

  25. yerayo says:

    OMG traveling with CDs is NOT something I miss.

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