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Grand Theft Auto 5 Multiplayer – Part 36 – Buying a Private Jet (GTA Online Let’s Play)

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Multiplayer – Part 36 – Buying a Private Jet (GTA Online Let’s Play)


  1. luis Morales says:

    You don’t have to buy the chopper , if you go to Trevor’s airfield there
    might be a a chopper there

  2. njxxxgaming says:

    you dont get wanted at the air port you can fine all sorts of planes
    depending on you level

  3. Dylan M says:

    Phone your mechanic to deliver a car to you

  4. Alberto Fernandez says:

    How did he won $6M?

  5. UBGaming Channel says:

    18:34 second 911

  6. demonator123 says:

    How do u make so much money between vids? Once, in the earlier videos, you
    got 200,000 and then in the next you had 54,000,000. How did you do it?

  7. Ilya R says:

    Is there people playing on PS3 servers?

  8. Sharon Williams says:

    Buy clothes

  9. gene hobo says:

    what s that on your face???

  10. Andres Rosario says:

    You can call your mechanic

  11. Shayaan Malik says:

    How does he make so much money

  12. lilstaxmontana says:

    Get some more clothes

  13. tom likrt says:

    deposit money trev

  14. Endermage da boss Crafter says:

    I really feel sorry for that guy you killed when your car went to much
    under water. :/

  15. Jennifer Da Silva says:

    nice dud love it best I have ever seen

  16. Alec Zernovak says:

    You should do an hour long episode of getting all your crew and rob stores
    do races missions death matches lts lms and break into the military base

  17. Alec Zernovak says:

    Oh and survival

  18. monsterider1 says:

    the only sad thing is that people can grind get to level a 100 and still
    not have an adder yet people like trevor can just buy success its just
    dissapointing for me personally

  19. mike gunter says:

    u can call a cab

  20. Jay Smalls says:

    ride the bike again but this time more successfully

  21. Pablo Lazaro says:

    he needs to buy some new clothes

  22. Pick N Roll says:

    I know this vid is old but he needs to dress like a guy who owns the most
    expensive apartment, owns a million dollar car and a private plane… he
    dress like eminem SMH, not to mention his face is a male version of Lindsey
    Lohan before rehab..

  23. kian ward says:

    why buy it when they all way spawn at the airport

  24. ernestoamieva says:

    I’m watching this on Thursday so it is Tbt LMFAOO 

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