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Dj Bola – Private Jet

Dj Bola – Private Jet


  1. Demmysignis says:

    Thumbs up if ye came here for tecktonik vs shuffle.

  2. tigermuffins says:

    Put it on spotify!!!

  3. Leeroy Jenkinss says:

    Tecktoniking to this… <3

  4. Warren E says:

    Now I wish I had a Private Jet to play this OP song in.It is GOAT
    G.(reatest) O.(f) A.(ll) T.(ime) Like if you dont think theres enough booty
    on teh dancefloor

  5. 88boogada says:

    You can shuffle to just about anything you want to. I’m assuming you are
    not a shuffler, or you would know this. I love shuffling to tecktonik. And

  6. mrssoonerchick says:

    totally illin’! LOL*

  7. MAR00NPHOENIX says:

    If you listen to this with quality headphones is sounds even better.

  8. KoimaLechoN says:

    quater j million

  9. Zooza Angel says:

    i cant find a good quality one ­čÖü heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

  10. Fubar Vanityy says:

    this such a good song!!! <3

  11. 1215Dev says:

    I fukin love this song

  12. Rebaz Sanar says:

    You download it from its websajt then u decied if u want to pay for it or
    have it free, its not that expenisv. you can’t find any better music
    program anywhere it is the absolut best! Try it!

  13. ItalianTalent69 says:

    wow your gay

  14. Malcolm Sofea says:


  15. Slo Bunny says:

    fucking eargasm :$

  16. XxMoonlightWolf92xX says:

    omg awesome Oo thumbs up

  17. Sarah Wardell says:

    240p, we meet again…´╗┐

  18. spiderman2044701 says:

    I still TECHTONIK to this´╗┐

  19. Luis Assing says:


  20. Briana Mendez says:

    i love this song´╗┐

  21. BDOITW1 says:

    idk how u can not start saying or techtonik to this fucking master piece!!!´╗┐

  22. Clesarie says:

    Think this is my favorite song across any genre of techno. Shame that this
    dj doesnt have many other good songs. Kinda a one hit wonder.´╗┐

  23. bipolarkoalas says:

    this is danny soundz just saying´╗┐

  24. Daisy luna says:

    Im just 14 years old and i did my own remix with this song and “scary
    monsters and nice spirits”!´╗┐

  25. Windodo53 says:

    38 people like JB or 1D´╗┐

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