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Best Looking Gulfstream G650 Landing & Take Off at Bern Airport

A brand new and gorgeous looking Gulfstream G650 landed majestically in Bern, arriving directly from USA, New York. This most beautiful private jet is operated by Starbucks. After a short stay the aircraft departed to its final destination in France. The short take off distance is impressive. Hottest livery I have ever seen!

The Gulfsream Aerospace G650 is marketed as the world’s current fastest business jet with a top speed of 0.925 Mach (982 km/h). It is capable of traveling 8’055 miles (12,964 km) and will even cruise at 51,000 ft. The remarkable jet is equipped with two powerful Rolls-Royce BR725 turbofan engines. Enjoy the great engine sound and the close-up view of the Gulfstream G650, one of the best private jets on the market.

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Video Editing Software: Final Cut Express and iMovie
Camera: Sony VG10
Best Looking Gulfstream G650 Landing & Take Off at Bern Airport


  1. matthiashaenni says:

    Awesome livery on one of the best private jets: Gulfstream G650 – Love it!

  2. commander402 says:

    muy bonito da muy buena vista 

  3. Sil Veenstra says:

    What the fuk is going on with the reversers on 1:00

  4. mylosairplanefan says:

    Indeed, a very beautiful looking plane! Good caemra work man! 🙂 Enjoyed

  5. theDoubleH63 says:

    A perfect private jet to buy lol, nice vid !

  6. Schipholhotspot says:

    wow that looks great was Batman in town?

  7. Harvey Salmon says:

    TOTALEE AAWESOME !!! Can’t wait to get a Type on that bird.

  8. Low YellowSun says:

    I have to admit it – I am resentful as h&&&& when I see such beautiful
    planes, built and flown for just a few privileged rich. This elite luxury,
    when tens of millions of US citizens suffer deprivation. The inequality of
    wealth in this country is a disgrace. And don’t talk about this being a
    “socialist” position: the European countries are NOT socialist, have strong
    capitalistic economies, and they have MUCH less inequality. As a result,
    their citizens are healthier, better educated, have better mass
    transportation, infrastructure.

  9. Dave Thompson says:

    I looked up N211HS, and the FAA tail number directory says it’s owned by
    Wells Fargo and based in Salk Lake City.

  10. ThinkingBetter says:

    As a frequent Starbucks customer, I contributed to this beautiful plane.
    And all I got out of it is this Youtube video?

  11. 340PD says:

    I’ve had enough Tall Bolds to almost feel that I own a small part of it.

  12. Tony Ascaso says:

    Interesting owned by:

    Street MAC U1240-026
    County SALT LAKE Zip Code 84116-2812

  13. 劉建宏 says:

    天啊~我愛死這架飛機了! 貴氣逼人……落地後那個華麗的姿態….吱吱吱

  14. pmc1665477 says:

    Belongs to a GREENIE anti-carbon loon of Starbucks coffee. Tell me again
    how they’re exempt from all the carbon footprint nonsense when this A$$hat
    and Al Gore preach about the phony ‘climate change’ nonsense? 

  15. Wayan Darmstadt says:

    The best looking private jet ever made. I love the video mate

  16. Wayan Darmstadt says:

    Love the G650

  17. Andrew Joseph says:

    man from certain angles those wings are so freakishly long! Look like they
    were stripped off a glider. No wonder that thing has a range of a
    bajillion miles. 

  18. StereoSpace says:

    What a gorgeous aircraft. Great video and great camera work. Thank you.

  19. Ahmad Dan-Hamidu says:

    Wait a minute; around 2:25 – 2:28 when it was turning onto the runway I
    noticed the deployed thrust reverser of engine-1, after entering the runway
    the reverser was stowed. Is assymetric (differential) thrust reverse used
    for making turns (tight turns that this one didn’t seem to be)? Strange to
    see that.

  20. mikel1982 says:

    proud as hell to have helped design this beauty’s flight controls.
    Especially with that paint job! Thanks for all the G650 videos, it inspires
    me to keep doing my job.

  21. artemidoros34 says:

    ok nothing great to see here, new plane with a penguin paint scheme. are
    y’all the ones who hide your FLYING magazines inside PLAYBOY ? i WAS
    hoping for a true John Wayne takeoff. Maybe too many too many fat assed
    CEO’s on board.

  22. MonsterGladiatorHD says:

    Love the video, the plane and all of your videos! Amazing Matthias, keep up
    the great work!

  23. Fabian Pfingst says:

    really best looking!!!

  24. ahren Adoptie says:

    Nice bird.

  25. M6 Royal says:

    best private jet!!!!!

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