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$500 Private Jet to Las Vegas – JetSuite Phenom 100

Unless you’re a very rich businessman or your name is Johnny Depp, the probability of you ever getting to experience flying in a private jet is close to none. A new charter company is working hard to change all of that as it offers empty legs on their Embraer Phenom 100’s and Cessna CJ3’s starting at only 0. Welcome to the world of JetSuite!

Before you get all crazy with the comments calling us rich kids, I just want to point out that each of us paid 5/each for the entire airplane, yes, the entire flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on our own private jet with two pilots was only 0. No sexy flight attendant though 🙁 lol.

This flight originated out of the Atlantic Aviation FBO at Burbank Bop Hope Airport and landed at Las Vegas McCarran Intl.

For more info, go here: (I do not represent nor work at JetSuite, I am just a big fan of their company as I am a pilot myself).

The cameras we used were the Canon T2i and the Canon 7D. All sound (as you can tell) was recorded natively.
0 Private Jet to Las Vegas – JetSuite Phenom 100


  1. ishowyouapple says:

    You guys all seem cool

  2. The Consummate Sportsman says:

    Looks like fun 🙂

  3. jimmymac63 says:

    Congrats on their second anniversary and your citizenship…Must have been
    a fun flight!

  4. Pauly Walnuts says:

    Makes sense there just making extra cash on a plane that would have flown

  5. anne hamer says:

    what is the music played?

  6. Abdulla al atiyya says:

    It’s costs me $1700 to fly first

  7. The Most Interesting Man in the World says:

    Don’t hate

  8. dagoberto23 says:

    Damn! that’s what’s up!

  9. javier C says:

    Congratulations, and thanks for sharing.

  10. Michael Brodie says:

    Fantastic video. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. AllUpINC says:

    Congrats on the citizenship AWESOME!!!! And wow, the video has tons of feel
    good stuff and pilot stuff! Love it! Thanks!!!

  12. AllUpINC says:

    Make sure to Ask A CFI all of your aviation related questions and share
    your aviation related ideas and experiences.

  13. Ulices Rosales says:

    Pretty cool but sucks there’s no privacy from the pilots.. hint hint

  14. BayAreaPlanespotting says:

    How did you guys get back? Last minute airline booking?

  15. Heartless & Hopeless Records says:

    i used this video just letting u know

  16. Josh Hockman says:

    Just tried to price Burbank to San Jose (my usual flight) – $5000.00 round
    trip (yeah, that decimal point is in the wrong place, fellas) ………

  17. VirtualFlightFilms says:

    what the song when they are landing at KLAS

  18. Aspiring Runner says:

    Try the Gulfstream G550, much more room ;)

  19. Exotic Promotions Raw & Uncut says:

    Sweet video!

  20. Ryan Lewis says:


  21. TheYawun says:


  22. albertfroz says:


  23. mdrandro says:

    Omg the papi system was all red on landing , and for some reason he touched
    the ground in the middle of the rwy

  24. Miles30 says:

    My favorite JetSuite empty leg deal I ever saw was LAX to SMO (Santa
    Monica) – about 10 miles as the crow flies. I suspect they didn’t book that

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