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Lewis Hamiltons Private Jet

A private jet owned by Formula One race car driver and 2008 world champion Lewis Hamilton stops at Gander International Airport ( CYQX ) for a refuel stop.
His aircraft is a Canadair CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 ( G-LCDH ).
Lewis Hamiltons Private Jet


  1. 235FireFly says:


  2. Messiah Lovre says:

    Bloody hell that jet is sweeeeet

  3. TeddyRuck says:


  4. losesplo says:

    Yes throught your momma’s pussy! big dick head

  5. Puzzoozoo says:

    Looks like a Challenger, thick end of 30 million, plus a nice sum to
    maintain and run it.

  6. topiramates says:

    He doesn’t own this, it’s leased by TAG Aviation in Farnborough.

  7. Petr Košťák says:

    Lewisovo letadlo

  8. Larkhill21 says:

    If you earn 30 million a year you cannot spend all of it. You invest the
    spare 20 Million so total investments would be a lot more than 30 million
    and probably earn him another 30 million. 

  9. Egg says:

    tax exile cunt

  10. Sonstiges says:

    People like Vettel don´t have own planes, but are winning titles. 

  11. UraFlight says:

    I like the livery

  12. Vít Pokorný says:

    I want private jet too !

  13. BreathDoctor says:


  14. Timothy Askey says:

    oh dear just cause he/s done better than you

  15. Nelaballi Sham Sunder Reddy says:

    The flight looks amazing with its color .

  16. Samen Brau says:

    i hope one day i will buy private jet!

  17. Ashanti Ovahness says:

    why would u buy a private jet considering you have to pay for its
    maintanance costs/ fuel & storage . 

  18. James O'Foghladha says:

    Did he use his jet to visit all the poor kids in the world , cracks me up
    these false people , sell your jet and donate to a village you visited .
    Fake prick …..

  19. nomainreason says:

    Well, I might buy myself one of these.. I’ll just wait for kids in Africa
    to stop dying from treatable diseases first.

  20. Michel Beaulieu says:

    This aircraft is owned & operated by TAG AVIATION and is only chartered by
    Lewis Hamilton.

  21. kyle watts says:

    Cool and thanks for sharing!!!!

  22. Scott Clarke says:


  23. Marcus LeeP says:


  24. NoMoreEver925 says:

    Why are people so upset that it is possible to get to the level of owning
    or chartering or flying in private jets? This is why the world is so shitty
    & many people will never prosper. They’re too busy being anonymous trolls
    on youtube… instead of doing something to improve on life, or being
    motivated by footage like this, they’d rather make excuses, question why X
    person has this luxury, why arent they giving money, blah blah blah etc
    instead of congratulating & being on a mission to get their own piece of
    the pie.

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