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Gulfstream G550 private jet Interior details

Gulfstream G550 private jet Interior details

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Gulfstream G550 private jet Interior details


  1. Carlyle's Picks says:

    Gulfstream G550 private jet Interior details #g550

  2. Cedric Chapman says:

    You always bring the best of luxury :)

  3. Carlyle's Picks says:

    Lots more aviation videos are in my playlist:

  4. VaZeTron says:

    how do you make more money the doctam3

  5. ChairmanChief ggt says:

    My wife was watching this video, now all she’s thinking about is the G550!
    You’re killing me Carlyle! But on a serious note, I’m really considering
    buying the Citation X, what are your thoughts?Also, Do you know of any
    compact 6-8 seater aircraft with a range of about 3600 nm?

  6. Carlyle's Picks says:

    +ChairmanChief ggt I can’t reply to your comment below for some reason. If
    speed is your thing then the X is a great option. You got 100MPH faster
    speed but your max cruise speed is close. The Citation won’t do 3600nm

  7. RandomDude says:

    Ever thought of doing your aviation license as a hobby?

  8. JonFFavale says:

    Damn. I’ve never been on a plane before and this thing looks like a mansion
    to me…

  9. hiphopuithethart says:

    Try to film what you talk about, and give more of a ‘zoomed out’ view
    before you go into details. I still dont have a good overview of the plane
    after watching this, its annoying to watch now,

  10. the guy says:

    Dang, thats sick

  11. shananagans5 says:

    That thing is amazing. I have been on a private jet once in my life. My
    uncle was flying in a CitationX from Tulsa to Phoenix & invited me to go. I
    figured that was probably going to be my only chance to fly on a private
    jet so I jumped on the opportunity.
    Here is the funny part. I live in Albuquerque so I had to drive to Tulsa.
    We then flew in the jet to Phoenix. It was great. Smaller than I expected
    but still very impressive. Once in Phoenix I had to fly Southwest back to
    Tulsa to get my car & then I had to drive back home to Albuquerque.
    Basically I had to drive a total of 1,000 miles and fly Southwest all to
    catch a single leg of a trip on a CitationX. lol I had no business & no
    reason for that trip beyond riding in the Citation. lol It was worth it & I
    would do it again. 

  12. shananagans5 says:

    You are killing me here. My uncle owns a large trucking company & about 25
    years ago he wanted to train my cousin & I to eventually take it over. I
    declined the offer because I wanted to be a psychologist. I am now a
    criminologist/forensic psychologist & make a darn good living. Can’t
    complain but I am far from wealthy. You make me question if trucking
    wouldn’t have been a better decision for me. 🙂 You are showing me all the
    things I passed up. 

  13. Arthur Sperotto says:

    Wow, I didn’t know it was expensive for you to bring us this content,
    Carlyle. Thank you very much for investing in it, I really love aviation
    and this is very entertaining to me. The best I can do to compensate you is
    done. Video liked, favorited and shared.
    All the best, man!

  14. Rico Suave says:

    Awesome video! 

  15. WincerCrys AirBlue says:

    Your videos are getting a lot better and I am starting to watch them more
    often. I really enjoy the airplane reviews, they relate to my college
    studies and hobbies. 

  16. ELSHAKENBAKE1 says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  17. Chad S. says:

    Dude I waited like a year to see this part 2 haha Thanks for uploading it

  18. Pablo Hablántes says:

    Is this your plane?

  19. Marcus LeeP says:

    I want to thank you so much…Yes, it would be the same for me to stand as

  20. Marcus LeeP says:

    I am glad you travel a lot. And yes, I love traveling as well. To see the
    world is what I enjoyed when I was a Purser Flight Attendant with United

  21. Marcus LeeP says:

    I have been looking into be a Corporate Flight Attendant. So, I will see.
    Thanks again for your work…Really cool… 

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