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G550 Private Jet, Exclusive Charter Service

The epitome of luxury is offered through the Exclusive Charter Service (ECS). Based in Long Island at the MacArthur airport, ECS specializes in catering to jet setters and world travelers. The editorial video featured above was shot on the prestigious G550 which is best known for its ability to be in the air for an impressive 14 hoursa trip from New York to Dubai. If you need to charter a plane with only a few hours notice, ECS can arrange everything for you from ground transportation to private jet service and ensure that you reach your destination without a second wasted. ECS can also charter yachts, jets, helicopters and car services.
G550 Private Jet, Exclusive Charter Service


  1. wiedlin1 says:

    Voy siempre y cuando valla la nordica linda, Upa! Papa.

  2. crankylifter says:

    I could think of better music to showcase a private jet.

  3. greentea1494 says:

    @crankylifter You’re totally right.

  4. PJohnny76 says:

    Great music!

  5. getlow1985 says:

    @PJohnny76 I second you on that one, sir.

  6. nourah says:

    how much for one of these ? i’m seriously thinking about buying one in the
    near future .

  7. joe311005 says:

    need those luxury to relax

  8. Drew Johnson says:

    I’m more interested in flying that jet then riding in it haha

  9. dracojah says:

    I checked charter prices and a 14 hours trip for 15 persons only costs
    67’700$ it’s waaay cheaper then paying 15 first class seats in any airliner
    and you get alot more advantages. So it’s an easy choice.

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