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Dubai — World’s Most Luxurious Places To Visit (HD Full Documentary)


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Best video on Dubai. This Dubai documentary film is on the luxury trip of Piers Morgan to Dubai concludes. Piers toured the area with Dr Sulaiman Al Fahim on the billionaire’s private jet. This documentary film has some of the jaw dropping moments, starting from when Piers Morgan enters one of the most successful cities of the world, Dubai. The huge skyscrapers and the urban life in the luxury Dubai really make viewers jealous at homes. The Dubai documentary film includes some interviews from the higher officials, royals, and people with influence. Their lifestyles of partying and using their wealth in actions and events those are strictly entertainment to them.

The life in Dubai has many benefits. The luxury of the city and the services provided in Dubai are just amazing. The Dubai documentary film takes the viewers close to the real soul of Dubai. The major attractions that Piers Morgan helps the users with locating are the huge shopping malls and major skyscrapers. The shopping malls in Dubai are too many and each of them is better than the other. This documentary starts from the scenes of Dubai from before 20 years. It was plain desert. Not anything was been built but there were also no people living there.

In just 20 years, it attracts the most respectable people from around the world to settle their meetings there. The most expensive hotels and their luxury has been just a touch of Dubai that the viewers of this documentary seem to enjoy. The documentary has shown the wealthiest of the Muslims community living their lives in Dubai. Piers Morgan with his interest in Dubai himself becomes impressed after living a few days there. The interviews in this Dubai documentary are rather more enjoying and fascinating. The viewers in this documentary gets a feel of being entertained every here and there.
Dubai — World’s Most Luxurious Places To Visit (HD Full Documentary)


  1. lilrog0909 says:

    City like these are ugly… But wow 57 this chick is hot

  2. yourtheman45 says:

    Nothing beats America in my opinion to live and die in LA
    Is the place to be !!!! :)

  3. cristal l says:

    Disagree the most luxurious is Monaco. Obviously, they don’t have a super
    high amount of oil and they make billions. Heck ppl from Dubai vacation

  4. mmary952 says:

    Let’s see how many bitter, jealous people full of complex made negative
    comment about Dubai!

  5. Pipiras Pipirenas says:

    This guy is so jelous, its so funny :D

  6. Blac Chyna says:

    omg people are so negative -.-

  7. KidDizzy10 says:

    so this is to any RICH HUMAN!
    Basiclly u can buy dubaifor 350 bilion dollar 🙂 

  8. Salman Hossain says:

    So beautiful place be!!!

  9. David Pitts says:

    we americans are just jealous cause our big rich azz country has so many
    miserable folks in it. Why so many americans are packing there bags and
    moving.. Run out of oil?? ok when is that gonna happen

  10. angel zamudio says:

    honestly it seem amazing but this could only be the “cover” of Dubai we
    don’t no the book yet 

  11. JayBoogi RS says:

    you haters stfu please haha. absolutely beautiful place! stunning,
    beautiful, ridiculous, and just purely amazing! definitely going on my
    places to visit list :D

  12. LeoSienna says:

    Whoa! too many Brits in Dubai, well no place is perfect huh?

  13. Trevor Philips says:

    My aunt lives in Dubai and she has a massive house! I’m going there on

  14. Matahari says:

    i want to live there so bad :P

  15. Nigrum Romanum says:

    I really cant stand stuck up thinking they better than everyone rich people

  16. Shane Beezy says:

    If they did that in just 20 years imagine how Africa could be

  17. Judge Dredd says:

    Not worried about killing someone with that golf ball launched from the top
    of a building I guess…

  18. peedinkus says:

    Goddammit! Couldn’t you have gotten anyone but this jizz gurgling socialist
    piece of shit to narrate? 

  19. Pablo Suarez says:

    Lol Americans actually think it was all the Muslims idea for 9/11. That
    doesn’t mean you can’t visit this sick place just cuz of a few messed up
    ppl. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

  20. Edvard Sido says:

    Dubai – Center of modern slavery, sexual human trafficking and corrupted

  21. Rick Daze Mijares says:

    Dubai is a nice city but cant beat the heat D:

  22. Anonops says:

    Dubai remembers me of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.
    A country where capitalism is celebrates and people are forgotton.

  23. Raso Maso says:

    nice documentary, I gotta say that even though a lot of the luxury is just
    unnecessary, at the same time seeing what beauty people can build makes me
    proud in a weird way lol

  24. Elijah Blackburn says:

    The level of opulence is so depressing 🙁
    What emptiness of heart…

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