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World’s Most Expensive Private Jets

World’s Most Expensive Private Jets
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In the following video you will find a list of the top 5 world’s most expensive private jets. We’ve all tried flying with commercial flights.

You get at the airport several hours before, spend a lot of time waiting, going through customs and on top of that you might just lose your luggage at the most inopportune time. When you finally get in, you’re seated in a very uncomfortable seat right next to the most annoying passenger in the entire plane. You’re a lucky person aren’t you! The following hours are a combination between awkward conversations and faking a nap while the baby just two seats behind you wouldn’t stop crying!

For some rich people all those mentioned above are good enough reasons to go and buy a private jet, and you can’t blame them for doing so! In a world where speed has become crucial owning your own private jet can be a great investment. Just imagine having an entire jet at your disposal, designed to fit your every need! These people did just that, they took the private jet experience to a whole other level!

These are the World’s Most Expensive Private Jets:
World’s Most Expensive Private Jets



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